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Yerba Buena was founded in 2015 and is a company located in Oregon that provides high-quality cannabis strains to customers. It sells different kinds of strains such as Nine Pound Hammer, Pineapple Express, CBD Kush, White Cookies, Silver Hawk, etc. The brand cultivates cannabis with medicinal properties that help patients reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

This company is dedicated to providing organically-grown cannabis and has won many awards such as Best Cannabis Farm in Best of Portland by Willamette Week, Best Indoor Grow at the Dope Industry Awards, Best CBD Strain from the Cultivation Classic 2017, Washington County‘s Green Business Award, and more. It grows plants in bio-active, enriched soil, which contains organic nutrients. The vendor is Clean Green and Kind Grower certified, and is committed to cultivating plants with minimal environmental footprint. The manufacturer employs pest management programs and uses beneficial bacteria in the cultivation process.

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amazing true to earth flavors. Easily one of the most authentic organic weed strains I have tasted in my life. The high is really relaxing and uplifting. I was happy & smiling for hours

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you just can’t go wrong with this pot…consistent quality high

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just so relaxed and calm right now…in tune with mother nature…great weed

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a little too mellow for my taste..i like my weed strongggg

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true earthy weed…just love it

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Relaxed effect with Yerba Buena

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Muffin Top

Yerba Buena is euphoric

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