How to Store Homegrown Cannabis

How to Store Homegrown Cannabis

After your cannabis has been cured, it turns into delicate buds that require protection. Light, air, and improper temperature and humidity levels can negatively affect the weed flavor, quality, and potency. Follow the correct practices below that allow you to store your marijuana without degrading it.

Factors That Affect Cannabis During Storage

Like any product, marijuana tends to deteriorate over time. This process depends on several factors that should be highlighted so that you can slow it down:

  • Humidity. When stored in a humid environment, cannabis can be attacked by mildew that affects its color, flavor, aroma, and consistency.
  • Temperature. Too high temperatures lead to moisture consolidation, while the excessive heat can dry out naturally-occurring terpenes and cause harsh smoke. Too cold air tends to slow down the processes in which THCA converts into THC. Then, THC degrades into CBN, a cannabinoid with different medical properties.
  • Light. When exposed to UV lights, marijuana will degrade because these rays break down many organic materials.

Best Way to Store Cannabis

As scientists claim, consumers can store their cannabis for up to 2 years without losing its potency. Learn about several tips on how to keep it fresh:

  • Don’t store wet buds. Make sure that your marijuana is dried and cured correctly.
  • A Romanian study shows that cannabis should be stored in a dark, dry, and cool place to protect it from mold and UV rays. The ideal temperature range is 60-70°F (15.5-21°C) for short-term storage and 55°F (13°C) for mid- and long-term needs. Drastic temperature swings are also harmful to weed.
  • To maintain a proper humidity level, use humidity packs or place a hygrometer in a storage container. The best humidity for weed storing is 55-65%, so monitor this level regularly and maintain it.
  • Give preference to glass or ceramic containers since they are durable and don’t strip the trichomes from the flowers. Opt for jars with a UV-proof finish and avoid loose-lidded tins. You can use metal and plastic containers only for short-term storage (a few days or weeks).

cannabis glass containers

  • Sterilize your storage containers. Boxes that are not clean enough may contain germs and contaminate your marijuana.
  • Choose containers of the right size. Fill them with 50-75% of the way. Too much weed in the jar can increase a mold risk, while extra space will lead to drying your stash out.
  • Minimize oxygen exposure by choosing airtight jars. They will slow down the natural marijuana decay.
  • If you have different weed varieties, keep them separately since all strains come with unique flavors. They cannot preserve the aromas when stored in the same jar. Label the jars with the date and the strain’s name.
  • Avoid highly ventilated and windy areas for storing your pot.
  • Experts don’t recommend refrigerating dried cannabis. The condensation that appears during refrigerator storage is detrimental to marijuana and can cause mildew growth. At the same time, weed breeders find the question of freezing buds controversial. On the one hand, it makes cannabis trichomes turn to ice crystals and break off, and the loss of trichomes results in CBD and THC loss. The weed flavor changes, so frozen and then defrosted marijuana doesn’t taste as good as the fresh one. On the other hand, scientific research shows that freezing shows slight or no changes in the percentage distribution of cannabinoids. So, you can collect the broken trichomes from the bottom of the container and use them all.
  • Avoid the idea of plastic touching your cannabis unless you’re going to give this weed away. When stored in plastic containers/bags, weed can start sweating. Vacuum sealing is also not recommended because it crushes the buds.

Consumers who plan to store marijuana long-term can follow similar instructions. Just open the jars once a month, but if you’re using this cannabis regularly, the jar is being opened plenty then.

How Long Can You Store Marijuana?

If you have cured your cannabis adequately and kept your stash in an appropriate container in a suitable environment, its average shelf life is around 18 months. Then, the buds may start losing their flavor and potency; however, some smokers store them for years and don’t complain.

There are two tests you should do before storing marijuana long term:

  • Test the dryness of your cannabis by making a grinder test. Grind up a tiny bud and check its consistency. The weed will grind easily and turn to dust if it is dry enough.
  • Make the light test that can be performed after the grinding process. Set one flower on fire and see how it burns. If the weed is good and dry, it stays lit.

cannabis grinder test

If cannabis is stored improperly, the flowers will turn brown and crumbly.

How to Store Weed Smell Proof?

This moment is crucial if you want to keep your stash secret or don’t want your apartment stinking of cannabis. Rubber-sealed and hinge-topped glass jars are some of the best storage options. Also, the modern market offers special containers with built-in carbon filters.

If you store joints or blunts, Ziploc bags will work fine to keep them safe for several days.

You can use an air freshener to cover the cannabis smell in your room.


With this guide, you can keep your weed tasty and potent for the next growing season. Before storing fresh harvested cannabis buds, make all arrangements in advance. Now, you know what can harm your stash with age and how to preserve it from time. Don’t let a simple mistake ruin all your harvested treasure. Remember that storage practices are a significant part of the post-harvest stage of the marijuana cultivation process.