Quick Intro to Sativa Weed Strains

Quick Intro to Sativa Weed Strains

Cannabis can produce a variety of effects on the consumer, from a couch-locking and painkilling effect to a boost of energy and euphoria. Thus, it’s important to choose among a broad spectrum of strains with caution so that you avoid unexpected or undesirable weed consumption outcomes.

Weed users know that two major weed strains used for therapeutic and recreational purposes are Sativa and Indica. Indica is more widespread in medical use as it causes a soothing, relaxing effect and improves sleep quality. But those who want to have fun, experience a burst of energy, or boost their creativity need to choose Sativa for their daily or occasional use.

Here we give a short introduction to Sativa strains to answer the major question, “what is sativa used for?” Read on to get clear guidance on this strain’s effects and find a list of excellent strains to try out.

Acquaintance with Sativa

So, what is cannabis Sativa? This weed strain originated in southeast Asia, a warm and humid region that greatly affected its physical profile. Sativa plants are taller and thinner than Indica, plus their leaves are thinner and lighter in color. An experienced stoner will also tell the difference between Sativa and Indica buds, as the former has a fruity, spicy smell and look gentler and thinner. In contrast, Indica buds are dense and musty by smell.

What does Sativa do? The most widespread effects consumers expect from Sativa are stimulation and energy boost. Many users also report increased creativity and focus after smoking a Sativa joint. This effect is explained by Sativa’s impact on the human brain rather than the body, as a counter to that of Indica causing general bodily heaviness, sedation, and relaxation.

Due to such an uplifting, energizing effect, Sativa is more commonly used to treat anxiety and depression. Besides, Sativa strains are famous for hunger stimulation, so they are applied for appetite treatment. Please keep in mind that Sativa is recommended for daytime use.

Sativa Strains to Consider

Now let’s go through a list of pure Sativa strains recommended for use by newbies and experienced weed consumers.

Pure Sativa Strains

Hawaiian Sativa

This Sativa strain is universal for use as it can produce both euphoric and relaxed, sleepy effects on the consumers. It’s probably a matter of an individual response to the strain. It helps with depression, anxiety, and PTSD and can also relieve stress and migraines. The content of THC reaches 16.65% in this strain; the CBD concentration is tiny, from 0.07% to 0.52% only.

Chefchaouen Sativa

Wishing to feel happy and energetic? Struggling with the loss of appetite? Then this strain is a good match for your needs. Its concentration of THC is 15.5-19.5%, so you will surely enjoy a realm of energizing and uplifting effects of this weed’s consumption.

Blueberry Sativa

This THC-dominant Sativa strain can make even the most introverted people talkative and giggly. The THC concentration here reaches 24.5%, making it ideal for a party or a creative session.

Brazilian Sativa

This Sativa strain is excellent for newbies as its THC concentration is only 9.75% at a maximum. Thus, users with little experience or low tolerance to cannabis effects can avoid the discomfort of overdose. Besides, its delicate lavender aroma adds a pleasant twist to your daily consumption experiences.

Foxtail Sativa

This strain is ideal for a party as it causes an energetic, giggle mood and can make people talkative and uplifted. Thus, you can enjoy a great range of recreational effects and have fun with a joint of Foxtail Sativa. The THC concentration reaches 19.5% in this strain, and the sage, apple taste with spicy tones will leave nobody indifferent.


Now that you know what Sativa weed is and have a handy list of high energy Sativa strains, nothing can stop you from having a great party with friends, full of fun and giggle. Still, we recommend consulting your physician or trying a small dose of weed to see how your organism reacts to it. Many weed strains cause undesirable side effects, while their potency may be too high for newbies with low THC tolerance. Thus, it’s always necessary to take precautions such as considering your medical history and consumption experience when choosing the Sativa strain for your next party.