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Mission Farms CBD Rest Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg

99% of buyers find this product good for Relaxation

Category: CBD Oils

Subcategory: CBD Drops

Brand: Mission Farms CBD

CBD: 1000 mg

THC: 24 mg

Volume: 30ml

Flavour: Orange Lavender Spice

Cbd per serving: 33 mg per serving

Suggested dosage: 0.75ml under tongue for 90 seconds

Potential effects: Promote relaxation, improve mood

Servings per pack: 30 drops

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Mission Farms CBD Full-Spectrum Rest CBD Oil Review

Have a good night’s sleep and stay productive all day long with full-spectrum rest CBD oil crafted by Mission Farms CBD. The major ingredient in this formulation is 1000 mg CBD per 1-ounce bottle. It reduces irritation, provides a long-lasting sense of calm, relaxes, and stabilizes sleep patterns. Sleep-promoting properties of full-spectrum rest CBD oil are increased due to a combo of soothing botanicals. The essential oils of lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and orange are a pharma-free solution to managing sleepless nights. Its orange lavender flavor works as aromatherapy that eliminates stress. Mission Farms CBD manufactures this product with double strength for those in need (2000 mg CBD per 1 fl. oz.).

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of buyers find this product good for Relaxation

I've tried this oil a few times and haven't noticed much of a difference in my sleep quality. It's possible that I need to adjust the dosage or try a different product

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so weak

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I tried the Rest cbd oil from Mission Farms and didn't experience any noticeable effect, but it also didn't cause any side effects. It may work differently for others

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James Conway

Mission Farms has done it again with their Rest CBD Oil! I love the calming effect it has on me, and the natural ingredients make me feel good about what I'm putting into my body.

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Rest CBD Oil from Mission Farms has a tasty flavor and works wonders in helping me fall asleep quickly

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About Mission Farms CBD

Mission Farms CBD is a CBD brand founded in 2018. The company is located in Bend, Oregon.. The primary mission of the brand is to help people feel good again and improve their quality of life.

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