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Country Bienvenida 0.6g

Category: CBD Pre Rolls

Brand: Country

CBD: 36 mg

THC: 108 mg

Strain: Tsunami with Durban

Weight: 0.6 g

Flavour: Citrus

Country Bienvenida 0.6g Review

The Bienvenida blend by Country is a unique product combining the CBD-rich strains of Tsunami and Durban, each bringing potent stress relief and bodily relaxation. Users point out the blend's unique citrus flavor that sets on an energetic, uplifted state and boosts creativity. Bienvenida comes with 18% THC and 6% CBD – a 3:1 ratio of cannabinoids that can create the gentle cerebral high effect and intense relaxation you have been looking for. These pre-rolls include 0.6g of the herbal blend, which is enough for a refreshing smoking session. Country always takes care of its products' quality and subjects its weed to third-party testing to ensure safe, pesticide-free consumption experiences for users.

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