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Half Lit is a line of medical confections made with only organic components. The company creates gourmet cannabis-infused lollipops, which you can grow on your own. These hard candies are handmade. The manufacturer offers accurate dosing and consistency of quality, purity, and potency. This product is made to be flexible and accessible to all.

To make lollipops, Half Lit uses organic and locally sourced California flowers. Besides that, it recommends growing cannabis on your own with the help of attached cultivation recommendations. To plant a flower, breeders need 10% organic vermiculite and 30% organic perlite to make heavy soil loosened. Then, just plant a candy stick horizontally.

Customers can choose any of the variety of flowers offered such as Sin City OG, SFV OG, Blue Power, and White Nightmare. The vendor company sends feminized seeds, but growing success depends on the conditions, which customers create for their plants.

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Hi Half Lit I am having trouble finding your lollipops grow stick product. I live in Palmdale Ca and can find no dispensaries that sell this product

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