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Extract Labs THC Free CBD Oil Starter Pack Broad Spectrum and Isolate 500 mg


Category: CBD Oils

Subcategory: CBD Tinctures

Brand: Extract Labs

CBD: 500 mg

CBG: 167 mg

THC: 0%

Volume: 10ml

Flavour: Natural

Cbd per serving: 50 mg

Suggested dosage: 1ml up to two times daily

Potential effects: Promote relaxation, improve mood and relieve stress

Servings per pack: 10 drops

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Extract Labs CBD Oil Sample Starter Pack (THC-Free) Review

If you try to avoid experiencing THC effects due to individual sensitivity or your occupation, opt for a CBD oil sample starter pack (THC-free) from Extract Labs. The set includes 2 products – 0.17-fl. oz. bottles with Cognitive Support and Daily Support hemp tinctures. Cognitive Support tincture is infused with 167 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 167 mg of CBG, a minor cannabinoid that helps with focus and concentration. Daily Support tincture carries 333 mg of pure CBD isolate. Both Extract Labs CBD oils are extra potent, with a total amount of cannabinoids of 2000 mg. With the CBD oil sample starter pack (THC-free), you can support your body’s regulation of stress, sleep, mood, and energy.

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Jennifer Kuykendall

Oh Man! No Thc sucks

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Robert Height

What an amazing pack we have here. I tried both the Daily Support and Cognitive Support cbd oils and I have to say they each function very effectively. I have come to rely on the Cognitive Support one for long study sessions and the other for day to day activities.

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About Extract Labs

Extract Labs is a CBD brand and also a cGMP lab founded in 2016. The brand was born by combat veteran Craig Henderson who witnessed the benefits of CBD in the veteran community and wanted to make these benefits available to everyone.. Years later, this company is now featured in Vet100 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Veteran-Owned Businesses according to Inc.

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