Dompen Vape Pen Chamomile 18:1, 0.5g
Dompen Vape Pen Chamomile 18:1, 0.5g

Dompen Vape Pen Chamomile 18:1, 0.5g

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Relaxation, Pain Relief

Category: CBD Vaping

Subcategory: CBD Vape Pens

Brand: Dompen

CBD: 385 mg

THC: 25 mg

Flavour: Chamomile

Dompen Vape Pen Chamomile 18:1 Review

Combine Egyptian chamomile’s soothing, gentle effect with wellness-promoting CBD properties to elevate your self-care routine! This 18:1 Chamomile - 0.5g vaping pen by Dompen contains 385 mg of top-grade CBD and 25 mg of THC, which helps ensure relaxation and relief without unpleasant side effects. This vaporizer engineered by Dompen comes pre-charged, so you can smoke quickly on the go when you need to feel calmer and more balanced. The 18:1 Chamomile - 0.5g vaping pen is an ideal choice for always-busy individuals who don’t have time to have a cup of comforting herbal tea. THC is an appetite booster, so be sure to have some munchies after smoking!

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Love that it resembles a typical pen. I have no issues ferrying it around even in the office

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Luis Dukes

I have my doubts about Dompen but since it works for now I will just continue buying the thing. The flavor is also a major contributor to my five stars rating. It is just as calming as advertised.

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David Stoneman

all I can say about this is that it is hella relaxing. Just a few hits and I felt like one of those sensational videos with people floating on oceans without a care in the world.

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The pen looks really sleek which makes up for the low thc levels. I'd rate it a 4 out of 10 mainly because of the thc and it not being of any help with my sleep issues. I was hoping for a sedating effect but what I got was an energy boost.

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Andrew Legere

If this works anything like my grandmas chamomille tea then they just got themselves a favorite customer

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About Dompen Brand

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The company uses flash-frozen artisanal cannabis buds to receive Live Resin, making small batches of disposable pens and cartridges. Dompen was founded by two college friends just after adult marijuana use was legalized in Colorado and then moved to California.. They take care of the recycling of their products and were among the first brands to launch the program in their state.

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