Dompen Vape Pen Honey Citrus 4:1, 0.5g
Dompen Vape Pen Honey Citrus 4:1, 0.5g

Dompen Vape Pen Honey Citrus 4:1, 0.5g

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Relaxation, Pain Relief

Category: CBD Vaping

Subcategory: CBD Vape Pens

Brand: Dompen

CBD: 320 mg

THC: 105 mg

Flavour: Honey Citrus

Dompen Vape Pen Honey Citrus 4:1 Review

This restorative vape blend by Dompen contains 320 mg of high-quality CBD complemented with 105 mg of THC for the best therapeutic outcome. If you are searching for a peace-of-mind effect with only a hint of euphoria, this 4:1 Honey Citrus - 0.5g vaporizer may become your to-go option. Honey citrus flavor helps you feel at peace with yourself and the world and relieves muscle tension. Dompen makes its pens pre-rolled and pre-charged, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Grab a pen and discover the cannabis wellness effects without delays! The vaporizer is small and lightweight, so it fits into a pocket or a purse. A perfect tool for on-the-go, outdoor smoking any time of day.

User Reviews 5

Robbie Snyder

I felt nothing close to calm and relaxed. Just a sense of being high which I am not a fan of

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Lucy Bryant

That CBD is the main reason this pen gets me completely relaxed. It is my new favorite unwinding tool. I just lay back and take two puffs and within minutes I move from being stressed out to being as calm as ever.

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Edmund Gray

105mg doesn't get me as high as I would want so that I can feel the full relaxing feeling. I bet they have more potent vape pens out there.

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Kenneth Ferreira

Never heard of honey citrus before but you can sign me up for anything with it. Even my hubby is tired of the praises I am singing this vape pen's flavor. Also it is very very relaxing like top tier relaxing.

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Marsha Bonet

Totally love that they do not need to charge. Just buying it and starting the use almost immediately.

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The company uses flash-frozen artisanal cannabis buds to receive Live Resin, making small batches of disposable pens and cartridges. Dompen was founded by two college friends just after adult marijuana use was legalized in Colorado and then moved to California.. They take care of the recycling of their products and were among the first brands to launch the program in their state.

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