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Loudpack is a brand full of great vibes that a lot of stoners want to be part of. They have a modernistic and futuristic approach to hedging into the cannabis industry. The family of Loudpack's brands was incorporated in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. From the very beginning, they have consistently received awards in various categories of NorCal Cannabis Cup.

Loudpack has 8 greenhouses and licensed by the California Department of Public Health. The company carries out all processes, from extraction to packaging. It all takes place in their pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility. The Loudpack offers products such as raw flowers, pre-rolls, wax, and even edibles. All of these products are made using only the finest weed. They use various strains, so you have some options to choose from. Their most recognizable product is the potent resins made of Gelato, Mimosa, Guava, Blueberry, and other strains.

Legacy program is now the most important task for this brand. Its main purpose is to help small farmers who find it difficult to cope with the sale of their products. The Legacy program allows them to do everything legally because Loudpack takes care of testing, verifying packaging conformity, selling, and delivering the product to the retailer. Loudpack is constantly evolving to meet the huge demand for marijuana in California. As a part of an ongoing effort, the brand has deepened partnerships with farms in Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity, and Lake County.

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Rocky B.

Its a good strain. I have no other words. Loudpack gave me nice impressions after my using vape pens. Its an amazing product, so convenient and easy to use. Such simple things make our life happier. This is everything I need today

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Nice company. I like to smoke its sativa. This cannabis flower makes me feel great and energized. Its so cool to smoke with friends and have a fun together. Great strain. Now Loudpack became my favorite cannabis brand that produces a wonderful product.

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I like the cannabis flowers produced by loudpack. Ive tasted not only one strain. The most of all I enjoyed black lime indicas. It has so unusual taste for me and gives all the effects what I expect from this strain.

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It was interesting to me to try the products of this brand. So, I have to say its not bad, not bad. Its extracts have a very high quality and it made me a satisfied client. Because the quality is main reason for me to choose and buy different products.

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I like strawberry banana

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I like how their products are good but Im kinda put off that theres not much info available about them. I like to know who Im getting my weed from.

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They have absolutely lived up to their motto of making people feel good. Their strains are so good that you wont want to try anything else. I like how their products are obviously premium quality.

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J. Reid

I love how amazing their products taste. You can tell theyre made of good stuff cus they taste so good. Theyre a good brand to try if youre looking for something thats both good quality and has a great taste.

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We have been disappointed in working with Loudpack as our team did a great deal of work but only got paid about 25% of what was promised.

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I love how high-quality their products are. You can definitely tell since Ive tried several others before deciding on this one. Plus, their line of indicas defintiely made me feel good. Would recommend this for anyone looking for high-quality products.

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Fully support their cause. Their stuffs great too. Definitely a good brand.

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Great service and excellent product lineup.

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Great products for enthusiasts like me

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Definitely a premium brand

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excellent and highly effective products

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Would give them 5 stars out of 5!

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King Rulez

... tried most of the packages here and they are all very good with an awesome feeling. Ive been smoking some shitty kush for a while but now i smoke the real real shit now. I strongly recommend this company to you guyz out there looking for a good high. Check it out guyz and tahnk me later

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Loudpack is an awesome company that i recommend to you guys out there,,, the products are affordable and very effective. Take me to that level i always wish to be... been to different dispensaries but nothing like having loudpack product, they are just the best on this anytime and any day. Thanks, really appreciate

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Wilson Jim

really appreciate this brand for this awesome and incredible kush. Ive been having issues on getting the appropriate kush that will take me to the level i wnana be... a friend told me about Loudpack, ever since ive been taking there kush and have never been disappointed at all... thanks guys for this real shit.

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Barry kaytee

just so fed up, why cant i see a good kush... reslly pissed now

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been a while ive taken something this great,,, you guys are the best... keep it up

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waste of my time...

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amazing kush... the best

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