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Spinach is a new vaping brand launched by Cronos Group Inc. It serves Farm-To-Bowl products that have zero additives and are 100% organic. With stores basically across Canada, the company has created a niche where cannabis-friendly people can select and enjoy a collection of hand-picked strains and accessories.

The vendor specializes in flowers (White Widow, Diesel, Blue Dream, Rock Star Kush, Dance Hall, etc.), pre-rolls, and vapes. The vaping devices are screened for heavy metals, and e-juices contain no vitamin E acetate. Spinach will launch a line of edibles soon.

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Dobby Hensen

I love this classic spinach strain with its potent and usual fuel taste. It gives a wonderfully uplifting high without being too overpowering. Although this isnt the best marijuana I have smoked, its still pretty good. Id definitely recommend it to

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this weed is very surprising when it hits you. it comes in pre-rolls which is super convenient. it brought me back to the 80s when MJ was all the rage. the only strange thing is the ash is really dark!

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Kelly Freeman

this uplifted me and made me happy... but the aftertaste isnt very pleasant

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Hyun So

I love the smell of the bud and spinach tastes great too.

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Danny F.

pretty good joint to smoke

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Godly smell

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very unexpected high

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