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Gucci OG
Strain effect image Energetic, Hungry, Talkative
Strain taste image Berry, Lemon, Pine

All About Gucci OG Weed Strain


Consumers call Gucci OG cannabis very versatile, and that is true. This OG phenotype is a slightly Indica leaning hybrid that acts differently depending on the person and surroundings.

In this weed typical OG lemon and pine scent is complimented with a beautiful berry aroma. The smoke is smooth and gentle on the inhale and tastes as delicious sweet citrus with pine and hash notes.

The potency of Gucci OG can vary much depending on cultivation methods. Hence, it is significantly essential to measure THC levels of your buds before preparing the portion. This strain’s lab potency differentiates from 15% to an incredible 30% THC.

Users find Gucci OG marijuana energy inducing, provoking giggles, and social behavior. It can be a great kick of energy in the morning instead of a cup of coffee. Others describe this weed as couch locking and extremely relaxing, so they advise using it when there is some free time ahead without any tasks. These perfectly balanced effects make it suitable for any part of the day. Still, reviewers recommend making the first usage at home to see how it affects you.

The potency of Gucci OG allows it to be useful for medical patients struggling with attention deficit and emotional issues. It also cures moderate pains and inflammation. Those prone to panic might want to avoid this cannabis.

The only possible way for breeders to grow Gucci OG plants is to derive them from the mature ones, as the seeds are unavailable. The herb thrives within 9-10 weeks.

Energetic Icon
68% Voted
Hungry Icon
71% Voted
Talkative Icon
68% Voted
Berry Icon
72% Voted
Lemon Icon
72% Voted
Pine Icon
73% Voted
Side Effects
Thirst and dry mouth Icon
57% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth
Rapid heart beat Icon
61% Voted
Rapid heart beat
Low blood pressure Icon
59% Voted
Low blood pressure

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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
18.0 - 22.0%
CBD question mark
0.19 - 0.56%
CBC question mark
0.14 - 0.89%
CBG question mark
0.47 - 1.28%
CBN question mark
0.09 - 0.27%
THCV question mark
0.22 - 1.09%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
41 - 53 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
59 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
2 - 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews


    Keep in mind that I’m from a state which is still illegal to an extent i’m pretty sure you have an idea anyways this strain is wonderful the strains and pheno types we have in todays market are over hyped and over priced ; but i can vouch for this marvelous cross. i havent had it since 2012. i could smoke this strain over and over again. ill smoke it over runtz as well. thatsjust how good it is.
    hit me up on instagram same as my name on here always looking to network


    I first read about this on WikiLeaf and I got interested in trying it. This elevated my energy levels and made me super sociable. I prefer this to Grape Sorbet, which just made me dizzy. Will definitely smoke this again.

    Gary Potter

    Never again! After smoking this strain, I had dry mouth and extreme thirst, which I am used to. But then my speech became all slurred. Shit! I thought I was going to die!!! This is the last time I will ever soil my vaporizer with you!

    Britney S.

    As a breeder, I can immediately identify this plant because of its distinctly dense and large buds. They also have cone-like and slightly tapered shapes. I love the colors of the leaves too. Of course, I also enjoy harvesting and smoking this in my bong.


    bong at its best… makes my mind go oozing and zooming.. Sets the pace

    Ed Ward

    one of my go-to MMJ varieties. Aroma 5 stars


    Gentle and smooth on the inhale… I tasted the pine, hash, and citrus notes.


    extremely versatile and varied marijuana. the effects vary from one person to another.

    Nicolas Jones

    love the pungent, sweet scents

Relationship between terpenes and tastes

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