List of the Most Popular Ammonia Tasting Cannabis Strains

Ammonia is a very interesting smell for a strain from a chemical point of view. The snag is that sometimes genetics give the characteristic ammonia smell, and sometimes it is the result of inappropriate storage when buds weren’t flushed and cured properly. The causer is moisture, which accumulates in containers and damages the buds.

But, as we said, genetics can also underlie such an odor. Therefore, if you smell ammonia, make sure the buds are not moldy; if not, it won’t hurt you.

The maximum reported THC level in ammonia flavor strains is 26%. They, in turn, have a very positive effect on the mood of smokers, increasing it. People who have chronic fatigue may opt for ammonia flavor strains as they provide energy for the whole day, lifting their spirits. These weeds also perfectly relieve stress, help with PTSD and depression, anxiety. People reported that they felt more at ease in their social interactions under the stimulation of such strains. Thanks to them, customers were able to cope with their daily tasks, being focused and positive.

One of the brightest representatives of this smell is Mr. Clean strain. Potent Sativa-dominated cannabis, it has all of the effects mentioned. The second famous strain has a less pleasant name, Cat Piss, due to its unfavorable smell. But you will definitely like it’s high, some users reported bursting into laughter at even the worst jokes. It is said to be an effective anti-inflammatory and can even provide relief from nausea and vomiting. All in all, ammonia flavor strains are the best choice for daytime use.

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