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Blue Cookies (Blue GSC)
Strain effect image Energetic, Hungry, Relaxed
Strain taste image Berry, Blueberry, Earthy

Blue Cookies Weed Strain Full Review


Blue Cookies, also known as Blue GSC, is a balanced hybrid, famous for its potency and balanced effects. There is not much information about its exact origins or breeders. A more wide-spread opinion proclaims Blue GSC as a crossing between two prominent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. Though, a less common assumption says that it is a crossing of F1 Durb and Florida OG. Also, it is necessary to be attentive as there is a possibility of confusing it with another variation of Blue Cookies, which is a phenotype of GSC.

The THC content is quite overwhelming, ranging between 21-26%. On the other hand, the average level of CBD is about 2%. This strain is well-known for its enormous THC level, making it reasonable for novice smokers to step back with it. Moreover, even seasoned smokers shouldn’t take it lightly. Since it can induce sleepiness, the best time for consumption is during nighttime.

This marijuana emits a combination of fruity and berry scents with a noticeable presence of dank. The taste is deliciously sweet, reminiscent of cherries combined with earthiness and a slight skunk on the exhale.

Effects Review

In the beginning, a cerebral high provides a cerebral buzz, which delivers a load of euphoria and lifts the mood. At first, it might be slightly disorientating, but soon enough, the influence spreads to the body, deeply relaxing all the muscles. Despite the high makes one spacey, it doesn’t cause severe sedative. According to reviewers, in addition to happiness, it can lead to a clear-minded state. Also, it’s worth mentioning that sometimes, this weed can show influence similar to aphrodisiac. Afterward, such extreme relaxation usually tends to call drowsiness, which usually ends in a peaceful sleep.

With mental and physical effects merging, this kush becomes a sensible solution to both mood disorders and body pains. It is also beneficial to people with a lack of appetite, as it induces hunger. On top of that, it’s important to refer to its efficiency in dealing with insomnia. However, this cannabis requires foresight because it may cause dizziness and paranoia in case of inappropriate consumption.

Growing Information

Blue Cookies seeds are available for purchase on the Internet. For growing the plant, it’s necessary to have some experience and to put in some effort. Starting from the vegetation stage, it requires pruning and bending. During its growth, the broad leaves’ regular trimming is also of great importance, as it provides the lower layer with air and sunlight. Furthermore, to bring its signature colors, it is needed to expose the plant to some colder than the average temperature straight before the flowering begins. Growing the strain is possible indoors and outdoors, but growers usually prefer cultivating indoors to control temperature more precisely. To raise it outdoor, it requests a warm and humid climate with the daytime temperature ranging between 70 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case, the proper time to harvest the yield is at the end of September. When growing indoors, the flowering cycle takes about 53-65 days. The plant possesses short to medium heights and rewards with an average yield.

Energetic Icon
68% Voted
Hungry Icon
71% Voted
Focused Icon
70% Voted
Berry Icon
72% Voted
Blueberry Icon
68% Voted
Earthy Icon
71% Voted
Side Effects
Paranoia Icon
69% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth Icon
57% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth
Hunger Icon
71% Voted

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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
21.0 - 25.0%
CBD question mark
0.54 - 1.26%
CBC question mark
0.38 - 0.9%
CBG question mark
0.25 - 1.97%
CBN question mark
0.06 - 0.28%
THCV question mark
0.45 - 1.41%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
56 - 63 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
67 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
0.5 - 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
1 - 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
< 30
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews


    Whenever you decide to get down with this joint, make sure you have food within reach. It puts your apetite at a beast mode. After a healthy and hearty meal, a sound sleep is guaranteed.


    Staying focused may seem like a very easy thing to do but you realize it is not when you have too be on a particular assignment for over 4 hours. This kush clears your mind and helps you remain focused. Wikileaf mentioned some functions but left this very important one out.


    Suprisingly, this kush clears your mind. It helps you think clearly and see things from a central perspective.


    I love this hybrid strain. I love the potency. I love the fruity aroma. I enjoy the fowery flavor that lingers in the air. It is a divine receipe for relaxation especially after a long and trying day.


    sometimes it can be a mild aphrodaisic, increasing sexual urge and making sex more beautiful.


    I am already struggling with my weight but this strain greatly increases my apetite.


    a very practical solution to mood disorders. It takes effect in a few minutes.


    Most relaxing strain I have had


    It works wonder for a bad apetite.


    The flowery aroma…so cool!!


    The blueberry taste is my weakness

Relationship between terpenes and tastes

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How do you like Blue Cookies (Blue GSC)?

How do you like Blue Cookies (Blue GSC)?

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