List of the Most Popular Borneol-dominant Cannabis Strain

Cannabis plants diverge not only in physical effects on body and mind but in flavor. Different variations of taste are produced by naturally occurring chemical compounds called terpenes. As the mix of terpenes changes due to mutation or selection, the flavor does as well.

Limonene creates a tart citrus aroma while myrcene is responsible for earthy smell. These two herbal flavors appear in hundreds of strains. Though less widespread, other terpenes are still present. One of such terpenes is borneol, found in small amounts in mint and rosemary. The terpene provides the bud with herbal, earthy, and somewhat minty aroma.

Borneol was used in medicine for millennia, as doctors from Asian countries harvested camphor for its positive health effects. High borneol strains tend to be Sativa-dominant hybrids with stimulating, uplifting effects.

There aren’t that many borneol terpene weed strains presented. Yet, you can find small amounts of it in KS-13 or Eazy Haze and OG Kush. Both have citrus undertones so it may be hard to appreciate the aroma or borneol fully. Cannabis strains with borneol content also include several Haze strains. For example, Amnesia Haze is perfect for experiencing earthy, mossy fragrance with delicate hints of mint.

If you love borneol and prefer it to the sweet or citrus flavors of cannabis, give a try to strains with high contents of terpineol and alpha-pinene. These terpenes produce the smell of pine needles with earthy undertones.

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