List of the Most Popular Plum Tasting Cannabis Strains

Plum tasting strains show their mild flavor due to Myrcene’s presence, which also adds herbaceous notes to cannabis. These strains are suitable for those who want to relax. Here are two of the most popular Plum smelling weed.

Stoney Girl Gardens have created a Sugar Plum hybrid. This marijuana attracts not only with its sweet aroma of ripe plums with a mix of citrus fruits but also with its effects. The high strikes after the first puff. First, thinking rises, many ideas appear, focus increases. Lovers of this strain note that they become more sociable, and it’s easier to find a common language with others. After a while, the activity decreases, and the body becomes completely relaxed. If you made a mistake with the dosage, you can become couch-locked. Paranoia patients should not consume this strain. THC ranges from 9 to 26%. Cannabis Sugar Plum works well for anxiety, pain, and depression.

Plum Dawg Millionaire is a strain created in Colorado. Cannabis can impress even the pickiest oldies. The aroma is filled with a mixture of cookie dough, plums, and sour grapes. Despite the average THC level of 17% of the content, don’t underestimate this marijuana. The effects appear subtly, increasing levels of happiness and euphoria. Using this bud, consumers get rid of negative emotions and experiences. Plum Dawg Millionaire first tense the whole body and then deeply relaxes it in terms of physical effects. Great for evening use.

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