Cookie Monster Seeds for sale
Cookie Monster Seeds for sale
Cookie Monster Seeds for sale
Cookie Monster Seeds for sale

Cookie Monster Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0 - 1%

THC: 22 - 24%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Hybrid

Yields: Medium

Effects: Relaxing, Calming, Euphoric

Flavors: Earthy, Super Sweet

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Cat Piss

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Harvest period: mid-October

Flowering period: 8-9 weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Genetic Lineage, Flavors, and Major Therapeutic Effects of Cookie Monster Feminized 

This hybrid strain borrows much from its Cat Piss, Girl Scout Cookies, and hybrid Sativa-Indica ancestors and comes with a notable sweet, earthy flavor. Its 22-24% THC concentration is associated with a tangible relaxing, calming, and euphoric effect. Users report this strain's ability to boost moods, relieve stress, soothe anxiety, and even manage muscle pain.

Tips For Successful Cultivation 

It's pretty easy to grow the feminized Cookie Monster weed seeds. You will need to wait only 8-9 weeks to collect the harvest. Some variations of Cookie Monster seeds produce plants with bright pink buds. This strain's buds are very flavor-rich and dense. The strain usually yields moderate harvest quantities. You can cultivate the plants indoors and outdoors, planning your yield time for mid-October.


User Reviews 11

Kauê Melo

the aroma was really strong with my Cookie Monster Seeds and the plants grew very quickly in my garden

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[email protected]

the buds were dense and frosty, but I didn't get as much yield as I would have hoped for given the size of the plants when they were harvested

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I'm really impressed with the quality of buds I was able to harvest from my Cookie Monster Seeds. They have a great terpene profile and are incredibly potent.

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I'm disappointed that the seeds didn't turn out as expected. I got low yields and the buds were not nearly as dense or frosty as advertised

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I grew some Cookie Monster seeds for a few months before harvesting and I can confidently say that it is an enjoyable strain to grow.

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these plants have grown so fast, they grew more than a foot in height within just a few weeks! They're definitely some hardy plants that are always thriving.

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It took longer than expected for the seeds to germinate and the plants were slow to grow. Even after transplanting them into larger pots, I was still not able to get the yields that I was expecting from my Cookie Monster Seeds.

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I got the seeds from Crop King Seeds and germinated them, then transplanted into a 20 gallon pot. It was amazing to see how quickly they grew and the buds were so big and dense!

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I'm very happy with my choice in buyingcookie monster seeds they are definitely worth the money! They have an amazing aroma and taste

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the smell of these plants is amazing. I got big yields from my Cookie Monster Seeds and the flavor is really unique and delicious

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I'm loving growing my cookie monster seeds, they have done really well for me throughout the grow cycle and the buds are so frosty and packed with trichomes.

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