Critical Blue Seeds for sale
Critical Blue Seeds for sale
Critical Blue Seeds for sale
Critical Blue Seeds for sale

Critical Blue Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 1 - 3%

THC: 14 - 19%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Hybrid

Effects: Giggly, Euphoric

Flavors: Spice, Berry, Pungent, Tropical

Genetics: Blueberry x Critical

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Flowering period: 9 Weeks

Genetic Background, Flavor Profile, and Effects Produced by Critical Blue Feminized

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain was developed from a mix of Blueberry and Critical strains, both responsible for its potent uplifting effect. The buds come with a distinct pungent and spicy flavor with undertones of berries and tropical fruit. Users often report a light-hearted giggly, euphoric state after consuming Critical Blue. That property is explained by 14-19% of THC concentrated in this therapeutically valuable strain.

How to Cultivate This Plant from Seed?

You can grow the feminized Critical Blue seeds indoors and outdoors, as its plants are usually short in height and won't cause you trouble even in a small indoor growing room. It takes 9 weeks for the Critical Blue weed seeds to grow and flower, giving a patient grower a fair yield of up to 450g-500g of dense, resin-rich buds per plant.


User Reviews 7


this is the only weed I know how to grow and quite frankly, not trying my hand on any other.

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Honey Pollard

Short growth period. That’s it for me

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easy to grow and I can tend the plants as long as I keep them under 5.

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Parker Kor

Grow critical blue only if you like having your patience tested. Not even the type of energy I want to be spending

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I grow Critical Blue as a solution to my anxiety and the fact that it can be done indoors in a protected environment for the best yield.

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I use this but growing it is where I will draw the line. Tried it a month ago and the tending is a little too much work for me. Happy to buy it from my grower friends.

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I got a whole batch of critical blue seeds that I have been planting intermittently for 8 months now and the secret to a good grow in my opinion is breaking the seed dormancy. Once that is done successfully, you will experience full bloom.

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