Mendo Breath Seeds for sale
Mendo Breath Seeds for sale
Mendo Breath Seeds for sale
Mendo Breath Seeds for sale

Mendo Breath Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0.5 - 1%

THC: 18 - 22%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 350g - 400g

Climate: Warm

Effects: Euphoric

Flavors: Caramel, Spicy, Sweet, Vanilla

Genetics: OG Kush Breath x Mendo Montage

Environment: Indoors , Outdoors

Harvest period: September, October

Flowering period: 8 Weeks

Growing difficulty: Medium

What's Mendo Breath Autoflower's Heritage and Effects?

The highly potent OG Kush Breath was crossed with an exceptional Mendo Montage strain to develop the Mendo Breath weed variant. Fans of tasty caramel and vanilla flavor can plant Mendo Breath seeds and enjoy weed that provides euphoric and calming effects. Beginners can also consume Mendo Breath to attain a meditative state related to the 18%-22% THC concentration. Many weed lovers buy Mendo Breath seeds to grow and enjoy the uplifting effects packed in this sweet and spicy strain.

How to Grow the Plant at Home?

The seeds of this Indica-dominant hybrid are available in an autoflower version. Growers usually experience challenges when planting Mendo Breath strain seeds, but with proper maintenance, the plant can produce up to 400g of strong buds within 8 weeks. The plants thrive in warm climates, whether in a garden or an indoor growing room.


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8 weeks of waiting and I was able to harvest the beautiful nugs just yesterday. Tried some and it was GREAT! Can't believe how easy the process was. Didn't need much work from my end. What's not to love lol! 

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Frances Harmon

My friends and I grew our own weed for the first time with Mendo Breath seeds. It was painful as hell but we enjoyed the flower at the end. Just make sure you give it attention and nutrients and itll reward you with relaxing cannabis

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my garden has been smelling so good since I planted these, requires a tad more attention to the soil but is growing great

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Didnt grow as well in my indoor grow space as it did outdoors. got about half the yield indoors for some reason. This ain't a plant you can just leave alone to grow properly though. needs some attention to behave 

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couldn't figure out why it was taking soo long for my this kush plant to grow… so slow gave me a headache 

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Patty Bates

I received the seeds last month and just like the description says these 2 months have been perfect for the plants growth. 

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Joy Rose

Medium size and average yield but the little effort offsets these slight disappointments. Overall okay. 

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Walter Bradley

Very resistant plant to both pests and disease. Some nutrients is all i gave it and it worked like magic. 

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Connie J.

Tried various nutrients, changed the soil, used larger pots…  but it never worked for me.

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Doug Lamb

This weed is THC ALL DAY! so glad I bought these seeds and got my own jar full of these nugs in just 8 weeks. 

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