Triple XL Seeds for sale
Triple XL Seeds for sale
Triple XL Seeds for sale
Triple XL Seeds for sale

Triple XL Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
5 Seeds $65
10 Seeds $120
25 Seeds $240
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CBD: 2%

THC: 17 - 20%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Effects: Relaxing

Flavors: Citrus, Spicy

How to Grow Triple XL Autoflower From Seeds?

Triple XL is a high-yielding cannabis strain with predominantly indica qualities. The Triple XL seeds produce plants with large and dense buds. This cannabis has a deep soothing effect that sinks deep into the muscles. The strain is ideal for users who need a relaxing effect to enhance sleep, reduce pain, relieve anxiety, and manage their stress levels. Its relaxing power improves sleep quality, especially for insomnia patients. This weed has spicy and citrus flavors. Triple XL got their name from its large buds that distinguish the variety from other strains.

Important Cultivation Tips

The auto-flower Triple XL weed seeds are easy to grow and care for by cultivators with different experience levels. Triple XL matures faster than other marijuana strains, making it a popular choice among weed growers. With the influence of the ruderalis strain, this variety provides higher yields.

User Reviews 10

Kerry Kim

Some of the lightest green buds I've seen. Beautiful look and even better effects. The plants are nice and resistant and thrive in warm areas for me. I ordered these seeds three times and each time has been a pleasant shopping and growing experience. 

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Dan Chandler

I found this very resistant and happy in the sun. Fought off disease and pest attacks like a champ… with some help of course lol. Gave me a good bunch of flower after about two months

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these seeds were truly XL! The plants were just as tall and produced highly flavorful flower that's relaxing and calming. The aroma in my grow space is just a bonus 

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Marie Morrison

I'm a skeptical buyer when it comes to seeds. Not all of them germinate and most get destroyed by pests. This ended up being a bad purchase because of these reasons. Will stick to my regulars from now on. 

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I wouldn't spend cash on these seeds. They're very fussy and difficult to germinate at home and they need a lot of work and care

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Josefina Bradley

Most cannabis takes 8 weeks before you can harvest the flower. My Triple XL took just 7. good plant for beginners. 

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Gerardo Scott

ordered these last week because I wanted to grow something for my pain. So far so good! 

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John C.

Moderate yield for an autoflowering strain and simple enough to grow. Not bad for THC lovers. 

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Marshall Byrd

My Triple XL seeds refused to germinate. won't waste more time trying to make them work. 

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Julia Watts

the smell coming from my pots is addictive. Easy autoflowering strain to grow at home imo. 

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