White Tahoe Cookies Seeds for sale
White Tahoe Cookies Seeds for sale
White Tahoe Cookies Seeds for sale
White Tahoe Cookies Seeds for sale

White Tahoe Cookies Feminized Seeds

by ILoveGrowing Marijuana
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CBD: 0.4 - 5.7%

THC: 22 - 28%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 150g - 400g

Climate: Mediterranean

Effects: Happiness, Relaxation, Creativity

Flavors: Diesel, Herb, Wood, Spice

Plant size: Medium

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Harvest period: late October, early November

Flowering period: 8 - 10 Weeks

Growing difficulty: Medium

Genotype and Effects of White Tahoe Cookies Feminized

This Indica-dominant strain combines The White, Tahoe OG, and an unknown hybrid of the Girl Scout Cookies strain in its genotype. These properties are attributed to 22-28% of THC in this weed, making it a popular choice for pro users.

Is It Difficult to Grow This Plant?

Growing feminized White Tahoe Cookies weed seeds is not a problem. It takes only 8-10 weeks for the White Tahoe Cookies strain seeds to germinate and grow into healthy plants, 122-152 cm tall, ready to flower. You can grow the White Tahoe Cookies seeds indoors and outdoors, provided that you can arrange a Mediterranean-like environment for the plants.

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I gotta give a shoutout to these feminized seeds. The buds are dense and covered in trichomes, and the high is a perfect mix of head and body. Definitely worth the time investment for growing if you're looking for some top-quality bud.

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I gotta admit, though, the planting process was not a walk in the park. I have planted weed before, but this strain was difficult for me. Beginners should try it out after they get the hang of it. Good yields, though

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Bhanger 101

I have a thing for diffcult plants and the white tahoe has been fulfiling AF! I loved growing it and I'm doing this again as soon as next week!

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Yasmin Lima

these seeds for me are straight up fire! easy growing.... And the buds are sticky icky and got me feeling hella relaxed. Definitely gotta cop some more of these seeds for my personal stash

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Andy Cobb

not gonna lie maintaining this plant is not easy, but if you stick it out to the end you will not regret it

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It's a good strain, I love the effects, the yields are promising, and it works well on my small space

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I cannot get over the spicy and citrusy smell that filled my indoor garden everytime I walked in there. Doing it again!

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R!1ey Anthony

I like to grow different weed strains for variety and all. So my latest edition is the white tahoe cookies seed, and what a fine addition to my plants! The plant grew better than I had anticipated.

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I cannot believe it was my first time planting weed. little bit more effort is required than I thought but worth it!

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ILoveGrowingMarijuana was founded by Robert Bergman who started as a small-scale grower with only 5 plants. With his deep passion for growing weed, he spent more than 25 years learning everything he could about marijuana.. Apart from this, he makes sure that growers do not only have access to pure, healthy seeds such as Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, and more but also all the information needed to maintain quality and grow a healthy plant.

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