List of the Most Popular Geraniol-dominant Cannabis Strain

Geraniol is not as common in cannabis, but it also significantly influences its taste and effects. This terpene comes from geranium, which has a citrus scent and repels insects. However, Geraniol has a slightly different aroma and taste – it is a soft floral sillage with more distinct notes of rose, as well as fruit. Besides geranium, terpene can also be found in lemons, peaches, blueberries, grapefruit, orange, carrots, and coriander.

People also commonly use Geraniol in perfumery due to its sweet floral scent. Besides, it is also present in lotions, colognes, detergents, candles. Moreover, it is often found in desserts and baked goods.

This terpene has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Research has also shown that it is capable of fighting fungus. Essential oils with Geraniol can reduce the properties of cancer cells, as well as inhibit their growth.

While Geraniol is most commonly found in very small amounts in cannabis, higher levels are present in the following strains: Purple Punch, Dutch Hawaiian, Strawberry Diesel, Kimbo Kush.

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