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Glueberry Glueberry OG

Cannabinoid THC Dominant

THC 20 - 21.5%

CBD 0.5 - 0.84%

Effect Giggly

Side Effect Dizzy

Flavor Mint

Glueberry Strain Overview – Tripple Cannabis Threat


High Highest
20% 23% 26% 29% 32% 35%


Low Medium
0% 0.4% 0.8% 1.2% 1.6% 2%


Newbie Skilled

The Glueberry strain is a rare, evenly balanced hybrid (50% Indica/50% Sativa). It is a cross between the infamous Gorilla Glue X OG Kush X Blueberry strains. Being a well-recognized weed, the Glueberry packs its heavy effects and extra delicious flavor. The dominant terpenes in this cannabis are myrcene and sabinene, which are responsible for a berry-like taste fragrance with notes of spicy herbal notes mixed with amazing fresh mint and pear taste. The effects provided by the Glueberry are mainly relaxing that start with giggling euphoria that melts both psychical and mental pain. The THC level in this weed reaches 20-21%, which is extra high potency and is prescribed only for experienced medical patients.

There are several other cannabinoids in lower concentrations in this marijuana. These include the following ones:

  • CBD 0.5-0.84%
  • CBC 0.3-0.66%
  • CBG 0.26-1.36%
  • CBN 0.51-0.28%
  • THCV 0.22-0.96%

Fragrance & Taste of Weed

The Glueberry strain contains a vast range of unique terpenes that come from its genetic backbone. The three primary terpenes in this cannabis bud are myrcene, pulegone, and sabinene, which create a delicious taste and aroma. Once inhaled, the strain provides a sweet taste of ripe pear and butter that are perfectly mixed with berry hints and mint aftertaste that create a fresh exhale. The aroma is more earthy and also boasts spicy herbs and delicious dried berries by the end of smoking.

The terpene composition is unique and also packed with other aromatic compounds, like:

  • Pinene (0.12%)
  • Ocimene (0.04%)
  • Humulene (0.07%)
  • Limonene (0.04%)
  • Linalool (0.04%)
  • Terpinolene (0.01%)
  • Caryophyllene (0.09%)

Glueberry Strain Main Effects & Uses

The Glueberry weed strain will hit you head over heels in no time at all. The weed provides a potent high that starts in the head with an uplifting yet easing effect filling the mind with a light sense of happiness before dropping you into a strong forgetful state. The dominant effect is relaxing, which leaves stoners giggling at anything and everything around them. While the high hits you almost immediately, you will also notice a strong physical high soon afterward that drops you off into a soothing state that's immovable for hours on end without sedation and sleepiness. Since the Glueberry contains immensely high THC concentration, this marijuana bud is used by medical patients to soothe symptoms of the following health issues:

  • Chronic stress
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Pain

The side effects may appear in those stoners with low tolerance. The most common are:

  • Dizzy
  • Concern
  • Paranoia

Tips for Growers

Since growing Glueberry is easy to cultivate, it is suitable for cultivators even with zero experience. Both inside-grown and open-air grown plants can reach 30-60 inches in height. The Glueberry cannabis has a flowering window between 47 and 58 days, where the yield of 15-20 ounces per plant can be harvested in 63 days. The Glueberry marijuana produces dense buds that have fluffy spade-shaped tapered bright neon green nugs covered in vivid orange hairs and a coating of tiny milky trichomes. Seeds of this strain can be freely found online.

Side Effects

Dizzy icon
Dizzy 91% Voted
Concern icon
Concern 91% Voted
Paranoia icon
Paranoia 82% Voted
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Glueberry Strain Cannabinoids

THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a major cannabis chemical compound. It is a psychoactive element that stimulates dopamine release and induces euphoria or happiness. THC-rich strains may be helpful with such conditions as lack of appetite, chronic pains , etc. It is considered to be the primary active marijuana component. 20 - 21.5%
CBD Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a major compound in cannabis, which is non-psychoactive. It is also proved to counteract the side effects of the second major component THC. CBD is widely used for medicinal purposes in rubs, oils and so on. It is helpful in muscle pain cases, may treat arthritis and migraines. Even Greeks used it against pain, while Queen Victoria applied it to get rid of menstrual cramps. 0.5 - 0.84%
CBC Cannabichromene, or CBC, is a minor cannabinoid, meaning that its quantity in cannabis is quite little. Though it has the same origin as CBD and THC, it is different in functions. Without any psychoactive effects, it is an efficient cannabis compound in combating acne and depression. CBC produces analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. 0.3 - 0.66%
CBG Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of the minor cannabis compounds in adult plants. On the other hand, young ones contain a lot of this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory component. During the growth, CBG is converted into different cannabinoids, mostly THC and CBD. The compound itself increases appetite and decreases eye pressure. 0.26 - 1.36%
CBN Cannabinol, or CBN, is a trace element in cannabis that is considered to be mildly psychoactive. It appears from oxidation THC, exposed to light and heat. CBN is mostly contained in old cannabis and in traditional hashish. It is effective against insomnia, bacterial infections and appetite loss. 0.51 - 0.28%
THCV Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THC-V, is a compound contained in cannabis in trace amounts. Even though it is close to THC molecularly, it is different in effects. This compound may be psychoactive only in large amounts. THC-V reduces blood sugar, controls appetite, stimulates bone growth, etc. African Sativa strains are the richest in THC-V. 0.22 - 0.96%

Glueberry Terpene Profile

Pinene Pinene is one of the most widespread terpenes in nature, found in pine trees, basil, nutmeg, parsley, and rosemary. Cannabis containing terpene (alpha-pinene or α-pinene) boasts a strong pine scent. Pinene is responsible for anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and anti-anxiety effects. 0.12%
Myrcene Myrcene (also known as β-myrcene) is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, representing more than 20% of the modern marijuana terpene profile. Myrcene has a distinct earthy, musky flavor, resembling cloves. It is responsible for calming and soothing effects of weed. Myrcene is also found in hops, thyme, mango, lemongrass, guava melon. 0.31%
Ocimene Ocimene (derived from the Ancient Greek word Ocimum meaning basil) is a terpene with sweet and herbaceous flavors, also boasting citrusy and woody undertones. Naturally, ocimene occurs in mint, parsley, orchids, hops, kumquats, mangoes, basil, bergamot, lavender, and pepper. Offers antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. 0.04%
Humulene Humulene (also known as α-humulene) is one of the major terpenes found in cannabis, contributing to woody, earthy, spicy, herbaceous, and, mainly, floral aromas of cannabis. Used in modern medicine, humulene offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant effects, which have been well-researched by pharmaceutical companies. 0.07%
Limonene Limonene (also known as d-limonene) is the second most common terpene in nature and the third most common terpene in cannabis. It has a powerful citrus aroma and can be found in all citruses, including lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, juniper, etc. Limonene is known to elevate moods and provide anxiety, depression, and stress relief. 0.04%
Linalool Linalool (also known as beta linalool, linalyl alcohol, linaloyl oxide, and p-linalool) is one of the rarest terpenes found in cannabis, mostly in small quantities. Linalool is known for its spicy and lavender aroma, bringing relaxation and calming effects. It is also said to provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can be useful for athletes. 0.04%
Pulegone Pulegone is a less-common terpene found in peppermint and catnip, for example, with a sweet and minty aroma. In small amounts, pulegone could be found in some cannabis strains. It is reported to offer anxiety-relieving effects, increased cognitive performance, and sedative properties. Could remove dizziness. 0.14%
Sabinene Sabinene is a terpene with a peppery, spicy, citrusy, and piney aroma, presented in Norway spruce, Holm oak trees, black pepper, cardamom, and carrot seeds. Found in cannabis in small quantities. Allegedly, sabinene has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 0.14%
Terpinolene Terpinolene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis; however, It's usually presented in small quantities. Is responsible for piney, floral, herbaceous, and even a little bit citrusy aroma of cannabis. Terpinolene can be found in lilacs, nutmeg, and cumin. In cannabis, terpinolene contributes to the sensation of "freshness." Has the potential to reduce the risk of heart diseases. 0.01%
Caryophyllene Caryophyllene (also known as beta or b caryophyllene) is a terpene found in many herbs and spices, such as black pepper, basil, rosemary, and oregano. Cannabis high in caryophyllene delivers a strong spicy, peppery aroma, resembling cinnamon and cloves. Caryophyllene offers potent anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. 0.09%
Total terpenes content 1.00%

Growing Info

Flowering time 47 - 58 Days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Grow difficulty Easy
Harvest time 63 Days
Yield outdoor 15 - 20 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
Yield indoor 1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Height indoor 30-60
Height outdoor 30-60

Glueberry strain lineage

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User Reviews 26

Meg Daniel

EVERYONE should know about this weed its SOOOO GOOD! Taste - check! Happiness - check! Relaxing - check! What more does anyone want from their joints? One of the best as far as im concerned.

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Adrian Rice

First it makes me laugh like im crazy then it makes me want to take a nap lol. I love this one so much. I know I can always rely on Glueberry to fix my mood or put me in a relaxed enough state to take the day off.

Write your reply
Bobby L.

didn't do anything for me. Sure it tastes good and fruity but I don’t want to smoke a pre roll or use my bong to smoke good flavors only. Just made me dizzy. I much prefer something like LA Sunshine over this because that tastes good and lifts my mood.

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Lorena Morris

The freshness of mint when smking a joint is something you have to experience!

Write your reply
Abel Cooper

This makes me laugh every time!

Write your reply
Lorena Morris

The freshness of mint when smking a joint is something you have to experience!

Write your reply

I smoked this with my bong and it took me to places I never thought I would get to visit. It has herbal, earthy, floral, and pine scents that all induce a pleasant high. Two, three, four thumbs up for this strain!

Write your reply

If you need something to put you to sleep when you have an early morning shift, this is an amazing choice. it relieved my pain and allowed me to relax until i drifted off to sleep. the best part? i woke up right on time for my shift!

Write your reply

I have been smoking weed since 1984 and i know how to distinguish great bud from crappy ones. This one is definitely one of the best i have ever tried. Im tipsy right now while writing this review but its all good!

Write your reply
Cory Johnson

Just as I read in reviews, this dope gave me an uplifting feeling. I felt happy, sociable, and i had a nice head high while the effects lasted. Its a great choice if you want to do something outrageous or active but its also cool for when you plan to lounge around and do nothing all day.

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Jenny Saunders

The cannabis smell relaxes me. It helps relieve my knee injury. This strain also makes me feel more focused and creative while I play my PlayStation. Definitely something I will keep going back to whenever I want something to make me feel happy and calm.

Write your reply

It has a sweet, peppery, and spicy scent. Love it!

Write your reply
Olive X

great strain! it knocked me right off. would definitely smoke this again

Write your reply
Kate Spencer

While others rave about this, its not strong enough for me.

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this weed will kick your arse and give you the good blunt vibes you need

Write your reply

Relaxing, has a lovely smell, and a great flavor.

Write your reply

Easy to grow and has a lot of variety. Awesome choice!

Write your reply
Vladimir Poon

felt stoned… too good

Write your reply
Tammy D.

perfect pre rolls for newbies.

Write your reply

Strong and great for sleep!

Write your reply
Jonathan Harper

very relaxing blunt smell

Write your reply

solid stuff!

Write your reply

potent, strong, solid

Write your reply

One of my favorites mmj

Write your reply

Yummy and relaxing

Write your reply
Colleen C.

Solid high, great taste

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