List of the Most Popular Butter Tasting Cannabis Strains

Though the origins of the butter smelling weed strains remain unclear, the majority of them are Indica-dominated. Creamy and tender, they produce a relaxing, giggly high that gradually leads to sleepiness. The thick, glossy buds exude a fruity aroma with delicate notes of ammonia. The smoke of butter flavor cannabis is smooth and really light. It creates a sweet taste on the inhale and, as its name implies, a soft, buttery aftertaste. 

According to the user reviews, butter tasting weed is best for reducing pain, spasms, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. They are also known to boost appetite and enhance mood. That is what makes such strains helpful when it comes to coping with appetite loss, insomnia, headaches, muscle spasms, and stress. Customers also claim the butter flavor strains to be euphoric and mood-uplifting with an intense body-high effect. Butter smelling cannabis is recommended for nighttime – and even bedtime – use. They act as a perfect relaxant after a long week when consumed both alone and with friends. Being Indica-dominated, butter strains benefit those who are prone to panic or have a tolerance for a high THC.

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