List of the Most Popular Minty Weed Strains

Once people had discovered smoking, they couldn’t stop. As genetics develops, consumers receive new weed flavors to try non-stop. On the cannabis market, we can find a plethora of weed aromas and tastes. Some of them may give off a single smell, while some can exude a sophisticated blend of tastes that couldn’t be disassembled from the first inhale.

In addition, there are some strains, which have distinctive features that make them the most popular choice among both inexperienced and veteran smokers. One of them is a minty weed, which fills the mouth and lungs with a refreshing, sometimes cold and sharp, feeling once the first toke is done. Moreover, some report that whatever flavor has been tried, people always return to experience that pleasant feeling, that makes this additive “classic.” 

Actually, this is not exactly an additive. Weed includes natural compounds – terpenes, which bring notable smell and taste. Terpenes exist in multiple plants and play a role in forming the fragrance of cannabis buds. Some terpenes like limonene are abundant in cannabis, particularly in Sativa strains. That is why lemon-tasting marijuana strains yield such a powerful aroma. 

What Are Minty Weed Strains?

Here we focus on eucalyptol, sometimes referred to as “cineol,” which is responsible for a minty weed flavor. When its concentration does not exceed 0.06% in the bud, the smell is much less intense and perceive for sensitive users. However, thanks to its strong vapor, eucalyptol gives cannabis flowers a distinct minty flavor that easily dominates herbal and earthy fragrances. 

On the exhale, while the smoke fills the palate, mint-flavored weed creates a cooling sensation along with relaxation and body sensors’ stimulation. It switches on the mind and distributes an energy boost through the body. Weed that smells like mint is a good choice to wake and bake! 

Moving on to the medical application, thanks to eucalyptol, minty weed strains can relieve physical and mental pain. It can combat chronic pain, headaches, as well as inflammations. From the mood disorders point of view, many find marijuana a great assistant in fighting chronic fatigue and depression.

It is worth noting that there are not many marijuana products that include sizable amounts of eucalyptol. The most noticeable marijuana strains are Cabbage Patch, Space Needle, Wonder Woman OG, and Green Monster. There are, however, quite a lot of strains that have a slight minty taste to them, even without any meaningful amount of this terpene found.

Closer Look at the Mint Flavored Weed

Weed that tastes minty is mostly recommended for experienced consumers. However, we have found some that can be used by beginner weed enthusiasts. Some of them are Power Purps (70% Indica, 17% THC), Gelato #5 (50/50 Hybrid, 15% THC). For the more potent trip, skilled users can apply to Bear Dance (70% Sativa, 33% THC) or Glueberry (50/50 Hybrid, 23% THC).

There are some examples of legendary Indica-dominant cannabis strains in which a fresh flavor takes a dominant role. For instance, Thin Mint GSC acts as a perfect combination of mint and hoppy flowers, while Gorilla Cookies offers a delicate mix of mint and citrus. SinMint Cookies have been revealed as a combo of mint with earthy and sweet hints. There is also the Blueberry Cookies strain that adds a pine smell to the mix, as well as prominent Girl Scout Cookies with its peppery taste. If you’re looking for Sativa mint-flavored weed, you can explore Strawberry Ice, Seattle Cough, and MediHaze.

Weed tastes minty, and it’s a pretty awesome experience you definitely should try! For further exploration of cannabis flavors, try lemon taste tasty or menthol cooling effect strain.

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