List of the Most Popular Mint Tasting Cannabis Strains

Terpenes, natural chemical compounds found in multiple plants, form the smell and taste of cannabis buds. Some terpenes like limonene are abundant in cannabis, particularly in the Sativa strains. That is why lemon-tasting marijuana strains yield such a powerful aroma. Others, like eucalyptol, do not exceed 0.06% in the bud, what makes the smell much less intense. However, thanks to its potency, eucalyptol gives cannabis flowers a distinct minty flavor that easily dominates herbal and earthy fragrances.

There aren’t that many mint-smelling weed strains that include sizable amounts of eucalyptol. These are Cabbage Patch, Space Needle, Wonder Woman OG, and Green Monster. There are, however, quite a lot of strains that have a minty taste to them even without any meaningful amount of this terpene found.

Thin Mint GSC acts as a perfect combination of mint and hoppy flowers, while Gorilla Cookies offers a delicate mix of mint and citrus. SinMint Cookies come as a combo of mint with earthy and sweet undertones. There is also Blueberry Cookies strain that adds a pine smell to the mix, and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies with a peppery taste. All of these mint-tasting strains are Indica-dominant hybrids.

If you’re looking for mint-flavored strains of Sativa, choose Strawberry Ice, Seattle Cough, or MediHaze.

For further exploration of cannabis flavors, try rose for a sweet aroma, or sage for its deep earthy taste.

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