Black Hulk Seeds for sale
Black Hulk Seeds for sale
Black Hulk Seeds for sale
Black Hulk Seeds for sale

Black Hulk Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0.00 - 2.00%

THC: 15 - 18%

Seed Type: Feminized

Type: Hybrid

Yields: 20 (600g)

Climate: Temperate, Sunny

Effects: Euphoria

Genetics: Black Domina x Bruce Banner

Environment: Indoors

Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks

Growing difficulty: Medium

Black Hulk Feminized Genetics and Common Uses

This hybrid strain contains 15-18% THC and comes from a combination of Black Domina and Bruce Banner genes. The strain triggers a prolonged calming effect, which is ideal for patients suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. Users prefer Black Hulk when they seek a subtle stimulating high and want to achieve an uplifted, euphoric feel balanced with body relaxation.

Is the Plant Easy to Grow at Home? 

The feminized Black Hulk seeds are pretty easy to grow indoors. The harvest size per plant is medium, but plants can grow more fertile if properly cared for. The difficulty level of growing Black Hulk weed seeds is medium, so you should check all requirements before buying these seeds for cultivation. Smoking Black Hulk buds also come with dense, sweet smoke that many users love.


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I like growing Black Hulk weed for the effects I get when I smoke it. I simply grow 3 to 5 plants at a time to reduce the amount of tending and I have some stash for me and my friends for a few months

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This strain just requires love. It grows long and thick, so check on it as often as you can and trim when that is required. Also, remember it takes 10 weeks to get ready for harvest and some growers may feel a little overwhelmed at that pace.

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Beatriz Castro

I grow this every 7 weeks coz no way im letting myself be without some Black hulk weed in my stash. this is the holy grail, my people

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Indoor growth is what you will require because this plant doesn’t do well outside. It is quite easy to grow in my opinion if you have the right soils, add nutrients as required, and tend to the leaves as they blossom. Careful about pests too.

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Black Hulk growing has taught me valuable lessons on patience and I also know so much more on what not to do with hybrid feminized seeds, had so lose some to learn the hard way, but lessons are all welcome

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Martin Per

Decent yield because I find it a little easier to grow than OG.

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this has lower levels of Thc than some easier hybrid strains so I don’t understand why its quite difficult to grow

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too much work for only 15% of Thc

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[email protected]

A hybrid that will have you sweating to get it right the first time you grow but one that will reward your efforts tremendously

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these plants will grow tall – just know. But they thrive indoors where the conditions are controlled which is my best setting

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Black Hulk seeds from Crop Kings are great and I have used the last 13 to plant my first batch of ythe year. I know my way around this strain, so I don’t expect this time to challenge me too much as my soil is healthy and trimmers itching for some action.

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Grow this hybrid even if you are a first-timer, and trust me it is not as difficult as some growers make it sound

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