Bruce Banner 2.0 Seeds for sale
Bruce Banner 2.0 Seeds for sale
Bruce Banner 2.0 Seeds for sale
Bruce Banner 2.0 Seeds for sale

Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0.10 - 1.00%

THC: 20 - 29%

Seed Type: Feminized

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Yields: 21oz - 25oz (600g - 700g)

Climate: Temperate, Sunny

Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Creative

Flavors: Earthy, Diesel, Sweet

Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

Plant size: 51 - 60 inches (130 - 150 cm)

Environment: Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest period: Late September

Flowering period: 7 - 8 weeks

Growing difficulty: Hard

Information About Bruce Banner 2.0 Seeds Genetics

Ranked among the best strains of all time, award-winning Bruce Banner 2.0 is named after a bright green superhero. It has legendary parents. Feminized Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds trace their genetic lineage to Bruce Banner #3 and Strawberry Diesel. The difference in the 2.0 version is the increased THC level, which has made the strain one of the rarest and strongest on Earth.

Effects and Aroma Profile to Savor

This marijuana comes with a high THC concentration. Even in low doses, it shows significant cerebral effects and a warm physical buzz. Its THC potential amounts up to a whopping 30%. It helps relieve symptoms of stress, pain, depression, and anxiety. However, overconsumption may cause psychedelic euphoria. The calming effects of this hybrid weed monster raised from Bruce Banner 2.0 feminized seeds kick in almost immediately. The cultivar owes much of its aroma to its ancestors and comes with a plethora of delicious flavors – fruit, berry, and citrus scents with a spicy and fuel-like aftertaste.

Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Grow Specifics

The process of backcrossing is often performed in marijuana cultivation to improve the strain’s genetics and add more vigor to plants. Plants grown from a Bruce Banner 2.0 seed are highly resistant to pests, mold, and diseases. This characteristic makes this weed beginner-friendly. Cultivating it is super easy because it is impossible to go wrong with this cannabis. The plants thrive in temperate, continental, and Mediterranean climates. Expert growers recommend using organic soil mixed with coco coir because it stimulates the formation of the terpene profile. However, using hydroponics is also a good option. The Hulk-like shrubs grow pretty tall (4.5-5ft). The best option is to allow them to stretch in outdoor settings. However, they can flourish in a confined grow room with plenty of topping and pruning. As plants mature, take precautions in terms of their size and odor if discretion is your priority. Since the bushes are sparse in foliage, it diminishes the risk of getting bud rot or attracting pests because of bad air circulation. It takes them approximately 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest. The indoor harvest can reach 16-19 oz./m2, while the outdoor crops are 16-19 oz./plant.

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Yo, shoutout to Bruce Banner 2.0 Fem Seeds for being a straight-up beast! The buds are monstrous, and the aroma is a mix of diesel and citrus. The high is a powerful wave of euphoria and relaxation, taking you to a whole new level of chill. This strain is a must-try, bro!

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Alright, so I got my hands on some Bruce Banner 2.0 Fem Seeds, and let me tell you, they're straight fire! The nugs are frosty and packed with potency, and the flavor is like a sweet and earthy explosion in your mouth. The high hits you hard and fast, giving you a boost of energy and creativity. It's like getting a Hulk-sized dose of awesomeness!

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okay, Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Seeds didn't quite hit the mark for me. The taste was okay, but the effects were a bit too intense. It left me feeling a bit anxious and paranoid, which is not my jam. Gonna have to pass on this one, bro

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Ayo, shoutout to Bruce Banner 2.0 Seeds for being a game-changer! The buds are dense and covered in trichomes, and the aroma is a mix of diesel and pine. The high is a rollercoaster ride of euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling uplifted and stress-free. This strain is the real deal, my friend.

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Julie Langley

these Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Seeds are on another level! The buds are dense and sticky, with a strong diesel aroma that hits you in the face. The high is a powerful blend of euphoria and relaxation, making it perfect for any time of day. This strain is a straight-up superhero, bro!

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