Pink Runtz Seeds for sale
Pink Runtz Seeds for sale
Pink Runtz Seeds for sale
Pink Runtz Seeds for sale

Pink Runtz Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0%

THC: 24 - 26%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Hybrid

Yields: 300g - 550g

Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate, Dry

Effects: Happy

Flavors: Citrus, Earthy, Flowery, Herbal, Sweet, and Violet

Genetics: Gelato x Zkittlez

Plant size: Medium

Environment: Indoors , Outdoors

Harvest period: Mid October

Flowering period: 7 - 9 Weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Pink Runtz Autoflower Plant's Characteristics

Pink Runtz is a perfect hybrid blend from two potent genetics of Gelato and Zkittlez strains. This weed has a sweet and fruit-like taste, with a high calming effect on the mind that lasts for the rest of the day. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking stress relief and a strong pain remedy. The Pink Runtz flowers contain between 24% and 26% THC. This high THC content produces a drowsy feeling that helps insomnia patients to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The strain is also popular for treating stress, loss of appetite, pain, mood swings, and nausea.

Useful Growing Tips

It’s optimal to grow autoflower Pink Runtz seeds in dry, temperate, and Mediterranean climatic conditions. The hybrid strain grows well indoors and yields 300-400 g per m2 of your grow room; its outdoor yield is around 500-550 gr per plant. These easy-to-grow seeds are suitable for beginners and takes 7 to 9 weeks to flower. Plants grown from Pink Runtz strain seeds mature for harvest in mid-October.


User Reviews 11


perfect for my small grow setup and the smoke is smooth af

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I hate to say it but these Pink Runtz autos were a waste of money. Only got a couple grams from each plant and the high was weak.

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Pink runtz is🔥🔥🔥! They grew fast and the buds are frosty as hell. Definitely adding these to my cpllection

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Judy Tran

All of my seeds sprouted and this is the only strain for me with the highest germination results. There is nothing to dislike about growing this plant, it reaches an adequate length everytime and keeps the house smelling fresh too

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impatiently waiting for my plants to finish, me and my friend started growing these plants together and hers finished flowering 2 days ago.. Now I am waiting to see the same results

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I never get tired of looking at the full pink tops of these plants. The harvest quality is always so good it has me coming back for more everytime..

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I think I got lucky when I discovered this strain of runtz seeds. I have struggled in the past with a lot of plants but this was one plant that sprouted fast and in no time was ready for harvesting

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Joey Brock

Had some trouble balancing the PH of the soil but over all I think the growth was smooth and fast

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I can not wait for my plants to finish flowering because the sweet earthy smell has gotten me hooked already. I did not have to worry too much about the plant growing it all seemed to happed on its own

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Lindsey Greer

I love seeing the tiny pink buds everytime i grow this plant, just can not get enough!!

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Amos Webb

What can I say I am a lover of both hight THC and quick growth and this strain served my purpose to the fullest

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