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Big Bud
Strain effect image Sedated, Energetic, Aroused
Strain taste image Flowery, Pungent, Skunk

All About Big Bud Cannabis Strain


As the name Big Bud suggests, the strain gets its name from its large-sized buds. Names aside, this is an Indica strain. Veterans and novices alike love the type of high and upbeat feelings brought when you smoke or vape it. Due to the enormous buds, growers should expect high yields from this plant.

Rest easy knowing that this is an award-winning strain with high THC contents ranging between 16% to 19% and a CBD content of less than 1%. Along with the size of its buds, there’s a range of effects and medicinal benefits attributed to its use.

For all the strains available on the weed market, Big Bud cannabis strain has been around for the longest time. Developed and bred by Sensi Seed, it’s been around since the ’70s. While it is unclear which strains are the original parents to Big Bud, many believe that this Indica strain traces its genetic lineage to a cross-breed of Skunk No. 1, Afghani, and Northern Lights strains.

Big Bud Effects

With such a name and big buds, expect this Indica strain to leave the user heavily stoned. Many users report getting a mental high relaxes their body, followed by a feeling that increases their intellectual focus. Although it packs hard-hitting effects, users start experiencing a feeling of euphoria moments after taking the first hit. The overall list of effects looks like this:

Medical Applications

The Indica leaning sedative effects of the Big Bud strain makes it ideal for:

  • Body pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia

Side Effects

Some negative side effects that you can avoid by moderate consumption include:

  • A common effect is dry eyes and dry mouth. This shouldn’t be a cause for alarm since it’s common in all strains.
  • Taking large doses can cause dizziness.
  • Some users with little tolerance may end up experiencing mild headaches.
  • It tends to agitate anxiety and paranoia in individuals with these preexisting conditions.

Flavors Composition

Expect a strain with such a name to also have a bold smell and aroma. The smell is sweet and delightful and has traces of fruitiness within.

This is a strain that tastes as good as it smells. Expect to get an earthy, woody, and skunky taste when you burn its nugs or cook and bake edibles with it. It has a sweet and spicy flavor that’ll keep the user coming back for more. The sweet and spicy aftertaste remains on your breath and mouth long after you’ve finished a smoking session. For an Indica-dominant strain, the smoke is smooth when you inhale and exhale it.

Advice for Growers

This strain of weed has a relatively easy difficulty in cultivating it both indoors and outdoors. You can grow it using either regular or feminized seeds to get a very robust plant that has a natural resistance to diseases and pests. This adds to the simplicity of growing it since growers don’t have to place too much attention on protecting it from pest and disease attacks like other strains.

The strain’s resilience is a result of the cross-breeding between the Skunk No.1 and Afghani strains. Despite the simplicity of growing it and its resistance, growers have to be on the lookout for the flowers that can overgrow if left to do so.

Whether you choose to grow it outdoors or indoors, the strain will provide the highest of yields. Growers can expect high-grade weed once they start harvesting it.

Although the flowers of the strain are quite large, it also features thick stalks that can support the plant’s weight. Those growing it should be careful enough and use tensioned strings to support the plant. You’ll need to top it when it’s still young to ensure that the plant grows more horizontally.

Growing Big Bud indoors

It’s easy to grow Big Bud indoors if you replicate the warm climate conditions that it thrives on when grown outdoors. When growing it indoors, it’s ideal to use hydroponics to get the best yields. Many growers use the Sea of Green (SoG) method to grow this strain indoors and increase their yields.

The tent that you use should allow sufficient light to come through. Its interior should also be very reflective to ensure that light can reach blind parts of the plant as it flowers. It has a flowering time that takes approximately 7 to 9 weeks and it’ll be ready for harvesting. For each square meter, you can expect a yield of between 12-oz to 20-oz.

Growing Big Bud outdoors

Big Bud can survive in most climatic conditions but performs exceptionally under warm and sunny climate. The plant can achieve heights of up to 5-feet when grown outdoors. Harvesting starts mid- to late October and growers should expect a yield of up to 25-oz for every plant.

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Side Effects
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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
16.0 - 19.0%
CBD question mark
0.58 - 1.27%
CBC question mark
0.25 - 0.97%
CBG question mark
0.37 - 2.34%
CBN question mark
0.08 - 0.19%
THCV question mark
0.28 - 1.01%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
49 - 63 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
69 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
0.5 - 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
1 - 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews


    a good thing for PMS, it relaxes and relieves pain perfettamente.


    My back hurt for four days, this cannabis really helped me!

    Lucas West

    I didnt like it at all! The only thing it gave me was a big headache.


    pleasant floral scent mixed with citrus is perfect for baking. I made a batch of cookies that I think my friends liked 😀 but when I smoked this flower, it was very difficult to wake up in the morning, I was locked to a bed.

    Eric Thomas

    A wonderful thing for insomnia! My husband cant sleep at night and this weed changed everything. So great that I decided to grow it myself. Surprisingly, with my meager gardening skills, I got quite a lot of crops …I advise all growers to try this stra

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Big Bud

How do you like Big Bud?

Big Bud

How do you like Big Bud?

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