List of the Most Popular Sweet Tasting Cannabis Strains

The flavor, smell, and taste of sweet marijuana strains act as a prerequisite to the actual high for the people with a sweet tooth. That’s what attracts them the most.

The cannabis strains like Blue Dream and Pineapple Express get their characteristic flavors because of the presence of certain terpenes like Bisabolol and Linalool among others. They are the ones that bestow the weed with a sweet taste.

The THC/CBD ratio affects the flavor subtly. Higher THC/CBD ratio equates to pungent taste when compared to balanced strains that are smoother.

And coming back to the sweet lovers, for you we have collected the most popular “sweet” strains.

Different people have different taste preferences and that is why we also have listings of “fruity” and “spicy” strains for them

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