List of the Most Popular Earthy Tasting Cannabis Strains

Marijuana strains come in all kinds of flavors, ranging from pungent to floral and fruity scents. Earthy marijuana strains are a public favorite because they take users close to nature and give you a pleasant euphoric sensation.

The smell of a strain is determined by the terpenes present inside it. The earthy smelling strains like Gelato or Ghost OG contain terpenes such as Humulene and Caryophyllene, while the more floral strains contain Linalool.

High THC/CBD ratio implies that strain is stronger and pungent while a balanced ratio makes them smoother. For those who are looking for sweeter options, we have listings of “sweet” and “fruity” strains. But nature lovers, for you we have collected the most popular “Earthy” strains.

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