List of the Most Popular Cheese Tasting Cannabis Strains

The story of cheese flavor weed strains dates back to the end of the XX century when the UK breeders were growing underground plantations of high-quality Skunk. With years passing by, sharp, fruity, and sour cheese smelling weed strains remain popular among those who like intense flavors and potent high. The strain has to contain Skunk genetics. Otherwise, it won’t be considered a true Cheese one. 

Blue Cheese is one of the most popular types of cheese strains. It combines the sharp gorgonzola smell and a high level of THC that leads to an intense smoking experience. Though it might be too potent for beginners, experienced users will find it delightful. From an enhanced meditation practice to pain and anxiety relief, the Blue Cheese is a perfect Indica-dominated type. Another popular kind of cheese tasting strains is the Big Buddha Cheese. Awarded by HTCC back in 2006, the strain provides a smooth and potent high that allows one to slow down and relax completely. That Indica-dominant hybrid is created by crossing Skunk#1, Cheese, and Afghani genetics. 

For you, we have also collected the listings of flowery and skunk tasting weed strains.

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