List of the Most Popular Pungent Tasting Cannabis Strains

The pungent smell may not be the nicest scent a strain can have. But an interesting fact is that its pungent smell consists mainly of low-molecular-weight thiols and derivatives. Thiols, in their turn, contain sulfur and hydrogen that create such a specific odor.

The most recognizable strains with this flavor are uplifting and rich, they have both sedative and cerebral effects. Although the THC and CBD levels inherently vary from plant to plant, they typically have a higher than average THC content level of about 20%.

People who love mood-stabilizing strains would appreciate pungent-smelling weeds. For example, Swiss Indica is a 100% pure Indica strain that guarantees its customers a mood boost. This weed has a pretty slow onset that first affects the head and then spreads to the whole body, letting the customers enjoy a sense of happiness. Another vigorous marijuana is Angel OG, it will provide you with a euphoric rise.

These effects make pungent-smelling strains the perfect choice for patients treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and chronic stress or anxiety. Pungent smelling strains experience leaves smokers completely relaxed, and they fall into a deep and wonderful sleep, that’s why we recommend you to smoke it before bedtime.

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