List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains for Hypertension

One in three adults in the U.S. suffers from high blood pressure, known as hypertension. The disorder, if uncured, might cause cardiovascular disease. The latter considerably increases the possibility of stroke, heart attacks, and even death due to heart failure. Unhealthy diet, constant stress, the lack of physical activity, alcohol and tobacco abuse are to blame.

Using weed strains for hypertension combined with a healthy lifestyle is a way to soothe the symptoms of the disease. According to the research, the repeated use of medical cannabis is associated with lowered heart rate and blood pressure. The positive health effects follow consumption immediately.

Another survey revealed that anandamide – the body’s naturally secreted version of THC (that is also found in cannabis) – relaxes the blood vessels. That lowers the blood pressure and provides an opportunity for blood to flow more freely. Besides the above-mentioned health benefits, hypertension strains enhance sleep and reduce stress – the two main factors causing the disorder. Yet, do not forget to consult with your doctor as high blood pressure is a dangerous disease that shouldn’t be ignored.

For you, we have collected a listing of the best strains for hypertension. We also have listings of strains for Multiple Sclerosis and PMS.

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