List of the Most Popular Woody Tasting Cannabis Strains

Woody flavor is one of the most widespread in cannabis strains. While looking for terpenes, one might be confused, as some people state, that there are two terpenes, which are in response to woody aroma and taste. Basically, it’s true, as Humulene is an isomer of Caryophyllene. However, we will talk about Hamulene, as the woody aroma is mostly its privilege. It usually provides woody, earthy, and spicy herbal aromas, which one can notice in clove, basil, hops. Like others, this terpene shows its effects and medical influence.

Humulene can provide effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic influence, which makes it a necessary component for medical patients. Strains that contain it also show the tendency to suppress appetite, so some people use it in this way too.

There are lots of various woody strains, so the THC level usually ranges between 10%-13% and 24%+. Though, mostly, these strains contain an average THC level of about 20%. We think that whatever experience one has, he/she will easily find an option.

When looking for strains with woody flavor, it is easy to meet famous cannabis, which impresses with its woody flavor. For example, we can mention a winner of numerous awards Jack Herer strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It can offer a pure woody aroma with earthy hints in addition to a clear-headed cerebral buzz, which provides a boost of energy and creativity. Moreover, this is a great option for the first time use and it also promotes laughter and socialization. Another good option is a hybrid, with a slight Indica dominance OG Kush strain. This one is quite potent and not recommended for beginners, as it delivers overwhelming sedative effects and locks the user to the coach pretty solidly. However, if the aim is woody flavor, then this cannabis passes correctly because it provides earthy and woody flavors.

We also have listings on diesel and lime flavors.

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