Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me

Dispensaries Found

Looking for a marijuana dispensary near, you’ll find a special store that sells products containing cannabis. This place specializes in the transportation and sale of this type of product. "Dispensary" is the official name, and you've probably heard more synonyms like:

  • Cannabis stores
  • Pot shops
  • Weed shops
  • Marijuana shops.

Depending on the state regulations, you may find recreational or medical dispensaries near you.

What Is the Difference Between a Medical Dispensary and a Recreational One?

The recreational dispensaries make their clients any people aged 21 and older. All incoming individuals are checked for the presence of ID. It depends on your state’s rules on which products are legalized - sometimes, the state can legalize only cannabis flowers, and the rest of the products remain illegal. It's worth checking what exactly is allowed in your state. If you are looking for a place that sells recreational marijuana, try to search weed shop or else cannabis dispensary near you and you’ll surely get a list of such stores.

Medical dispensaries are distinguished by a more potent herb. Medical patients often suffer from pain, muscle spasms, or mental illness. To more effectively fight the disease, medical patients receive a higher dose of THC. However, to access such marijuana, you need a medical card. A medical marijuanas dispensary near the location you choose often offers a variety of products, and it can also often be oils, vapes, tinctures, and lotions. Medical patients are less limited in their choice. Cannabis for patients is also less taxed. There are also CBD dispensaries. It is non-psychoactive marijuana that acts like vitamins. The content of THC in such hemp is less than 0.5%.

What Do You Need to Know Before Visiting a Dispensary?

Before visiting cannabis shops near your place, you should check your state's cannabis regulations.

Recreational marijuana is sold to users 21 years of age and older. It's also important to check how much weed you can have in total. The amount of marijuana in grams varies by state. In addition, it is worth deciding in advance on the place where you smoke marijuana. Most often, state laws prohibit doing this in public places, so potheads need to take care of secluded places, such as their homes. Some state laws also require you to ask your landlord for a formal permit to smoke weed. To find the best pot shop you can search for the list of dispensaries near me and see other consumers’ feedback to pick your favorite. 

Why Is the Dispensary Better Than the Black Market?

Most often, the black market is chosen by people who want to buy marijuana at lower prices. Dispensaries are heavily taxed, and the black market is taking advantage of the situation by offering users a cheaper initiative. But is the black market better?

  • Buying cannabis legally in a dispensary will make you feel much better than buying cannabis on the sly, hiding from everyone. It will relieve you of unnecessary guilt;
  • Besides, the dispensary always provides products of the highest quality. You can always find out the exact information about marijuana (high type, THC level, CBD, etc.);
  • Marijuana must pass a quality check before being released to the dispensary. The black market is always like a lottery. Marijuana buds must be kept under special conditions, otherwise, they will deteriorate and become unusable. Those who are not growing experts can hardly understand the condition of a flower. The black market can sell goods of any quality;
  • Knowing what you are getting, you understand what dose to take. If these are THC buds from a dispensary, then you'll know the weed potency to avoid overdosing. On the black market, all information is not available;
  • And, of course, buying marijuana legally in a 24 hour dispensary, you get a larger selection of products. The black market provides no variety. You take what they have. You can also find the closest late night dispensaries open near your location any time you need it.

What Products Can Be Purchased at the Dispensary?

The most basic product in the dispensary is marijuana flowers. You can find several strains that vary in potency and effectiveness. When you find a weed dispensary near you, you can also get there such products:

●    Tinctures
●    Oils
●    Edibles (cookies, gummies, and lollipops)
●    Accessories (like a bong or a vaporizer.)

Who Is the Budtender in the Cannabis Dispensaries?

When you come to the store, you will be met by a budtender. This is an employee who is a representative of the dispensary. The worker has many responsibilities, but his main task is to educate people about the effects of marijuana. The budtender needs to know all about tastes, effects and backfires. These people also have other responsibilities, such as:

  • Follow the latest in the world of cannabis, growing methods and conditions, etc.;
  • Weigh and pack products;
  • Recommend products to customers;
  • If this is a medical dispensary, then the budtender keeps records of patients;
  • They advise on security measures;
  • Verify the identity of people who came to the dispensary.

Which States Allow Recreational Marijuana?

In total, 18 states currently allow recreational marijuana, and these are: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine.

Addresses of current cannabis dispensaries in California.

States Where Medical Marijuana Is Legal

You can find medical cannabis in the following states: North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire.


Many people consider cities like Los Angeles and Seattle to be the winner because they are considered the largest in their states, and they are also known for their popularity of recreational marijuana. However, you will see the most dispensaries in Missoula, Montana. On average, there are 15 dispensaries per 100,000 inhabitants.
No. No other form of payment other than cash is accepted. The fact is that banks operate at the federal level, where the distribution of marijuana is still prohibited by law. That's why the marijuana business is paid for in cash. However, almost every dispensary has a cash machine that will let you withdraw money with a small commission.
There are more and more dispensaries that deliver goods purchased from their website. You can order both medical and recreational cannabis. The legality of weed varies by state, so shipping will not be possible if weed is illegal in your state.
All states should receive dispensary sales data. With every purchase, the dispensary sends the name of the product and the quantity you bought. However, the names of the buyers do not appear there. It all depends on the state you live in. Oregon and Colorado have officially banned the collection of personal information.
Medical marijuana can be prescribed to patients who are 18 years of age or older. Therefore, you can buy cannabis with a medical card. However, recreational marijuana requires you to be 21 or older.
You must be 21 years of age or older. It is the only way you can buy recreational marijuana in states that allow it.
No, you cannot buy marijuana with an out-of-state medical card. However, if the state allows recreational cannabis, you can purchase it from the age of 21.