10 Leading Cannabis YouTube Channels

Lana Braslavska
Lana Braslavska

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10 Leading Cannabis YouTube Channels

Looking for more information on cannabis? By checking out top-rated YouTube channels, you will find much information about cannabis use along with various strains, health benefits, and more. As this industry continues to grow, so does the number of people that have an interest in different cannabis videos. With YouTube channels, creators offer related content that can be beneficial to users as well as growers.

Check out these top 10 channels you should be following for the latest information on the cannabis industry.

CBD Woman

CBD Woman is a great channel that can offer useful information on what CBD is and how it works when used. The channel offers many educational videos that will address common questions of new users. This channel has been available since 2017 and has more than 100,000 subscribers. In addition to the educational content, CBD Woman also highlights CBD products.

The latest informational videos focus on how to use CBD vape cartridges and capsules. It also contains legal information on the use and availability of CBD in the UK.

The CBD Expert, DR. Rachna Patel

More than 15,000 subscribers follow information and videos posted by The CBD Expert. Hosted by Dr. Rachna Patel, this popular channel has been offering medical information videos for more than 5 years. Dr. Patel addresses many common questions you may have about the use of CBD and how it can offer some great health benefits. Addressing issues like CBD for neuropathy, migraines, acne, and arthritis, you can learn how the use of this product can provide relief from some common ailments.

The CDB Expert, Dr. Patel also goes into detail on the differences between medical marijuana and CBD as well as how to begin using CBD oils.


This popular channel delivers product reviews, tutorials, strain overviews, along with how-to videos. Highlighting strains, you can learn more about the effects of cannabis by strain while listing to interviews from the best cultivators. With 205K subscribers, Weedmaps has been offering educational videos since 2008. The platform offers information on products along with listings of local brands. You can also learn more about current cannabis laws.

Grateful Grower

The Grateful Grower has become a popular YouTube channel and provides details on growing tips and tricks that can help new or experienced growers. This site provides educational videos that are narrated throughout and deliver educational videos that can help anyone start growing healthy and productive plants. Check out some of the details about this channel:

  • Active since 2015
  • 110,000 current subscribers
  • Live videos of marijuana growing from Colorado


Grow420Guide has attracted the attention of marijuana growers and users worldwide and brings together those that support worldwide legalization. The channel is sponsored by Crop King Seeds and provides a series of videos and educational content. Based in Canada, this channel has over 231,000 subscribers. Cannabis possession and use are legal in Canada, and this channel promotes legalization in other countries by offering growers, users, and those curious about the drug, with detailed information on use, benefits, and current legal status.


Subscribers to TheDudegrows YouTube channel will be able to enjoy weekly videos and interviews with growers in this industry. This channel covers all the information you need about growing. Subscribers will also benefit from a series called Know Your Breeder, where interviews are conducted with successful brands as well as seed companies. The section offering talk clips will answer customer questions that have been submitted.

If you are looking for an updated channel that delivers all of the latest information, be sure to check out TheDudegrows.

  • 67,200 subscribers
  • Active since 2010
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly videos are uploaded
  • Best tips for growing in different areas and conditions

That High Couple

Get the latest information and details about cannabis use. Hosted by a married couple, Alice and Clark, this YouTube channel offers live broadcasts from Hollywood. This couple takes time to introduce the newest cannabis products while building a solid community that focuses on the benefits of cannabis.

Since 2016, That High Couple has been creating videos and conducting interviews with industry experts to deliver viewers honest information about cannabis use. Cannabis supporters from the cannabis-friendly state of California will be able to take a virtual tour of every dispensary operating in LA, along with visits to canna-restaurants.

The channel offers many sections, each providing different details on the industry, from production to dispensing. Alice and Clark have attracted over 108,000 subscribers that visit to watch the latest videos in different series, including:

  • Weed 101
  • Growing Weed at Home – Journal
  • Best of THC


MCDaddy is a great cannabis channel to follow if you want an update on the latest products. Since 2020, videos have been available, and today, the channel has more than 1.08K subscribers. MCDaddy is a product tester that specializes in various cannabis products, including:

  • Flower
  • Edibles
  • Extracts

Subscribers will have access to over 300 product reviews for various dispensaries and mail order marijuana companies that are operating in Canada. Averaging 2 uploaded videos per day, there is tons of useful information for those looking to try out some new products.

Growing Exposed

If you are a grower, this is a great channel for you. Produced by Jeremy Deichen and hosted by Amanda Mackay, this channel provides information on various secrets used by industry leaders. There is a great segment called Teachings of The Garden Sage, offering an expert opinion from David Robinson, the author of The Grower’s Handbook. Subscribe to enjoy virtual tours of cannabis gardens to get the inside scoop from industry-leading growers. Growing Exposed has been attracting cannabis growers since 2015, currently providing info to over 103,000 subscribers.

Cannabis Legalization News

This YouTube channel covers all legal aspects in the USA and provides detailed information on individual state laws regarding possession, use, and growing. If you want to get the latest info on laws in your state, follow Tom as he uploads 5 videos each week to keep US consumers informed. This channel has been attracting subscribers since 2018. More than 29.2K people follow the latest posts. Cannabis Legalization News offers live broadcasts every Wednesday and Sunday.

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Whether you are just getting started with a cannabis experience or have been growing for years, these channels can offer great tips along with useful information. Subscribe today, so you never miss out on t eh latest posts. With the latest industry news, growing hints, and reviews of new products, these YouTube options are among the best for cannabis connoisseurs.

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