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Avitas is a company that pursuits to make the world a better, happier place. The company follows the principle that quality cannabis should be accessible for responsible adults for safe consumption. To achieve their aim, they carry high standards of business practices and cultivating techniques. At Avitas, they are growing, extracting, and packaging their products, ensuring every product is of the highest quality. Moreover, their goods are hand cultivated, they grow the flowers indoors and optimize all the processes. Planting and producing their own quality medical cannabis - this is what Avitas stands for.

It is important to know that they are growing more than just their cannabis products. Avitas presents a wide range of cannabis products, such as flowers, strain-specific concentrates, cartridges, vaporizing pods, rosin, oil refills, and joints. They are also selling the products you might need to use your cannabis. Like batteries and power, Dab & oil rigs.

Avitas is one of the most popular brands and companies for cannabis and medical cannabis. They also sell top-class equipment you might need to use your cannabis product correctly. At Avitas, they are obsessed with testing everything. All their products pass a wide range of tests, especially on the presence of pesticides and chemicals.

They know the importance of growing first-class cannabis before they can start making their product. If cannabis is low in quality, the products will be low in quality as well. Avitas cooperates only with a small group of farms, whose production passed the revision on pesticide contamination. The company states that they don’t only meet state standards for pesticides and chemicals but exceed them in all their products. People from Avitas strive to produce products that are safe for customers and the environment. That’s why they try to minimize their impact in as many areas as possible. In Avitas, growers use over seven all-natural soil additions that help to establish a living ecosystem and protect the plants. The company says that the only things they use on their plants are hydrogen peroxide, beneficial fungus, mineral oil, and four species of beneficial insects. Thankfully to their experience, they make efforts to perfect the growing conditions, providing an appropriate temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, nutrient levels, and pH levels. At the same time, they try to use renewable sources of energy, wherever it’s possible, and filter has two levels of water filtration. Besides that, all fertilizer runoff, soil, and plant materials are recycled. Moreover, the company presents a large piece of information about the growing process right on their website.

At Avitas, they say that they wanted to create a company that they would be proud of. It was founded right at the kitchen table while discussing cannabis legalization in Washington. That conversation happened in a circle of friends and family, which probably, explains their approach: be happy, be productive, be yourself, and be together. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Avitas donates a percentage of its profits to socially progressive charitable organizations. They firmly believe that their success happened thanks to their community, and they want to help give it back. Anyway, their slogan “It feels good to do good” speaks for itself.

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User Reviews

  1. Julia

    The oils arent too flowy and thats an advantage for me. The watery consistency in other brands is a headache - I love the slow dizzy high that I get. Pretty much happy with my search about Avitas brand.

  2. Michelle

    The smoke is heady but gives the best euphoria ever!!! I can get into a sword fight and win eventhough Ie never touched a sowrd in my life. Get the picture!? GO BUY!

  3. Napes

    The delivery is no fuss at all ! Very user friendly interface and navigation system. No complex details to be botherred about and no fine prints.

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