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About Desert Azee

Desert Azee offers a wide range of products that are derived from CBD plants. All their products are handmade and sold in small batches. Headquartered in the Arizona Mountains, this company delivers supplements of unsurpassed quality. The Arizona facility is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The term ‘Azee’ comes from a Navajo word that means medicine. Each item is designed to make wellness a priority. Their selection includes full-spectrum and isolate products.

Why Choose Desert Azee

Lab-tested products. All Desert Azee products undergo high-level testing. They also test the products in third-party labs to ensure safety, potency, and quality.

Quick and reliable shipping. Even though they don’t offer free shipping anywhere, they ship all products in the US as well as internationally. You can get your products within 3-5 days in the US and within 10-21 days internationally.

All-natural ingredients. Desert Azee uses all-natural ingredients to deliver hemp-derived CBD oil supplements.

Licensed and legal. Desert Azee’s facilities are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Everything manufactured there is legally manufactured.

Cutting-edge technology. To deliver exceptional products, Desert Azee uses highly-advanced equipment and technology. They have an encapsulation machine and skilled personnel they use to produce high-quality soft gel capsules. In addition to gel caps, they also sell tinctures and pet products.

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Amazing is how the CBD gel caps from Desert Azee make me feel. Before I started using them I was bit sluggish due to pain on my joints but now I can move around like a teenager! Great brand with quality products and professional employees. The price too is great even for someone on a budget.

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I made an order online for a pet product from Desert Zee and I was surprised at how first it was delivered to me. The customer support is quite friendly and professional. My dog has been using their treat for two weeks now and I can see some improvements in its general health. I will be ordering more soon.

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I stumbled on an oil tincture by Desert Azee online and it had very ,any positive reviews and this got me interested. So, I decided to place an order for the same and now I can see what the hype was all about. This product has greatly helped manage the constant pain I get on my back. it has also helped improve the quality of mu sleep.

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Desert Azee has some of the most potent and tasty products. I have been using their full-spectrum CBD tincture and I absolutely the taste. This products has no hemp taste which is often a turn off for me. I have also been using their topical to manage my muscle pains. I absolutely love this brand.

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