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Offering a lifetime guarantee on all their grinders and presses, Interplanetary Development is one of the best retailers on the market. Some of their product lines include quality smell-proof bags, grinders, pollen-presses, and many others. All of these items stand out due to their utmost quality and durability. Their offerings come with a full refund policy in case the customer is not satisfied with their purchase. Options are available for on-the-go, EDC, or traveling.

Why Choose Interplanetary Development

The smell-proof bags are ideal for storing items safely due to the high-quality materials which are specially designed to resist punctures and tears. These come with a heavy-duty zipper for enhanced protection.

High-quality aluminum presses made of a solid block of aerospace aluminum ensure ultimate quality, durability and strength. It also features two different Dowel rods that allow for 2 options when using it.

Durable smell-proof glass jars keep all odors locked inside. These are not only affordable, but there are also bundles of jars and smell-proof baggies for budget-conscious customers.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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McKinney, Texas





User Reviews

  1. Ash435

    Who has already tried pollen press? Do you like it or not? Its just interesting for me. I bought it on the website of Interplanetary Development. I liked the service of these guys. And I have a feeling that the product I have bought was made especially for me.

  2. Melonie

    I like to use high quality devices. But sometimes its hard to choose the best ones. Im glad that I have finally found cool devices on the website of Interplanetary Development. Nice company and brand. They make me a very satisfied user.

  3. Liz97

    I have already explored a grinder of Interplanetary Development. I must say that I am just delighted with it. It looks so stylish, modern, and most importantly very comfortable and easy to use. Now I want to try other devices of this brand

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