Meraki Gardens
Meraki Gardens

About Meraki Gardens

This all female owned and family operated cannabis cultivator located in Oregon is also Kosher and Clean Green Certified. Meraki has been in business as a medical grower since 2013 and recently began recreational adult use sales.

Why Choose Meraki Gardens

Girl Power. If you want to support female owned businesses, especially in a male dominated industry, Meraki Gardens is a great place to shop.

Clean Green. Meraki Gardens achieved Clean Green Certification which means they only use sustainably sourced organic nutrients in the soil and chemical free pesticides along with have a low environmental footprint. The HVAC system at Meraki uses less electricity than a lightbulb!

Spiritual Harmony. The owner of Meraki Gardens believes in the power of good positive energy for plant growth and leads employees in meditation and blessings over the plants each day. The plants are all touched daily and there is a sound system that emits vibrations to promote healthy plant life and happiness.

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Oregon, United States





User Reviews

  1. D

    you have a bad habit of growing great weed and then not getting it to market in a timely fashion. i recently bought mango keif. it was processed 8/20. i bought some kush mints flower that was over a year old. wtf are you people retarded?

  2. mildflower_01

    ever since i bought this product from meraki gardens, I’ve been so good and i really love this wonderful feeling. The company also has great customer service.... i strongly advice you to check out products from Meraki gardens... much love to you...

  3. Wolefunky

    love this brand, they are all for healthy and positive vibes... keep it up

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