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Ninja Gardens

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The company was created by Douglas Shima, the descendant of the Japanese ninjas and the brand is marked by the family sigil given to the Shima family by the Emperor of Japan himself. Ninja Gardens provides high-quality flowers and pre-rolls grown outdoor, indoor and in greenhouses using natural nutrients and clean water. The plants produced by Ninja Gardens are exposed to direct sunlight most of the time, and they move their production to the greenhouses for a more controlled environment to avoid exposure to the elements. Ninja Gardens now occupy over 200,000 square feet of land in Finley, WA providing wide variety of strains like Ninja, Samurai, and the Emperor. Currently, there are 7 gardens that produce Ninja brand cannabis.

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West Richland, Washington


Douglas Shima, CEO



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  1. Tesa

    To come back home and to smoke ninja gardens strain is an ideal plan for spending evenings. I like to relax with this strain. It makes happy and satisfied, kills stress and fill with great energy. You dont find such magical drugs

  2. Dom65

    I think that was a nice choice to take Ninja Gardens cannabis for smoking. I felt much energy and motivation that I couldnt believe in such effects. Guys, you should prefer only this brand, Im sure. Its a great ecstasy for you

  3. Jack

    What a damn! that Ninja Gardens cannabis is so great that I cant stop enjoy it. This strain is definitely my favorite one. its effect makes body to relax and feel real satisfaction. The great brand of producing cannabis strain

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