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About Revolution Enterprises

Revolution Enterprises is a leading cannabis business that is based in Illinois. It is a multi-state firm that is revolutionizing the way legal marijuana is scientifically designed. The company runs tech-advanced facilities that are designed to produce pure, consistent medicine in new reliable forms. They have a production facility in Illinois, where they cultivate cannabis in controlled environments. Revolution Enterprise has so far bred over 500 unique hybrids and parent backcross strains. Some of their popular strains include Luckleberries#59, Blueberry Clementine, Twisted Lime OG, Thunder Cookies, and Gorilla’d Cheese.

Why Choose Revolution Enterprise

Revolution Enterprises has proven to be a leader in the cultivation of cannabis. With numerous strains and several products to choose from, it is undoubtedly a top choice for many users. Here is why you should also choose using its products:

Consistently Produced Products. Revolution Enterprises takes the production of cannabis very seriously and that is why they grow their plant in a controlled environment that fosters clean healthy cannabis plants.

Numerous Strains. With over 500 unique hybrids, Revolution Enterprises produces some of the best strains that have high medicinal content. Users now have the option of choosing a couple of strains that work well for them.

Proven Production Methods. High quality and yield consistency are part of their production process which allows the company to lower the production cost while enhancing efficiency. This ensures that all strains have optimal cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

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Johnnie F Lamb

I never pass up Revolution flower. I'm an indica fan. All their flower is top tier. In middle and southern Illinois where I shop. This is one of the top 3 companies who delivers a top notch product. I would say right now number one is between Revolution and BG. Its a close tie. Don't change. Keep doing what your doing. And ty for being a honest company to me the consumer. Ps: I still waiting for the new strain COOKIE CRASHERS.i missed it when it was at Collinsville asend. I hear it's the best strain that's out there. Keep up the excellent job

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Tatiana Erkens

Gave me very dry eyes

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Garfield James

It helps me with my stress and anxiety.

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Sterling Sappington

The strain is very potent. The description is right on point, as I felt how strong the high is. It doesnt have a strong taste or smell, maybe only a hint of green grass. This Indica is a perfect aid if you want to fall asleep quicker, defuse the stress, or simply be deeply relaxed. So, if you would like to wind down in the evening, you can surely try this strain out!

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