Founded in 2013, RYTHM is a cannabis brand owned by Green Thumb Industries. The company is committed to innovation in horticulture and technology to ensure the quality and reliability of products. The manufacturer offers a range of products that include vape pens, cartridges, concentrates, and flowers.

All these goods are available in four categories: Energize, Heal, Balance, and Relax. Every year, RYTHM takes part in charitable causes, including those for breast cancer and LGBTQIA+ awareness.

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The strain gives a rush of high! It feels like healthy revitalising after a lot of stress during the week - best for the weekends along with company otherwise mild dose is great for alone use! Whatever suites you!

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The smell of the skunk is very mild and theraputic. Everytime i have a high demanding day I just go for my RYTHM and everything is sorted out!

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You are sure to get an emotional high after using these concentrates. I feel a very strong burst of happiness that sometimes transforms to happy tears that I cant control. I really love the emotionla ride.

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Lambert Penn

Decent strain! Very nice high! I love this flower from the Rythm flower. Its my favorite strain so far.

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Davina Wragge

Its the perfect strain for any time to have a buzz! No doubt worth trying!

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Madelief Colbert

Nice vape from Rythm flower, but the battery dies very quickly! Complete disappointment!

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Yolotli Thurstan

Fantastic weed! It was my first time ordering from Rythm flower, and I started to love these relaxing leaves. It was also major pain relief for me as soon as I've tried it. Overall, I had an enjoyable experience.

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Marten Beckham

I was pleasantly surprised how potent this strain is. I enjoy the effects of this weed as it gives a soothing feeling to my whole body. It has heady buds with a deep, robust flavor, and I really like it. If you want to giggle with your friends, you should definitely try this weed.

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