About Silver Stick

Silver Stick offers a smooth draw to modern smokers. This brand aims for delivering a more refined experience. It’s an innovative, yet simple one-hitter with natural cotton filters that block the embers and trap the tar without compromising the effects.

Silver Stick’s product is made in the United States and uses only top-shelf materials for production. In addition to this device, the company holds a collection of handcrafted, unique, and customized accessories for smokers. They have a wood dugout, all-in-one Leather Dugout, and other products all found on the official website.

Why Choose Silver Stick

Uses only natural cotton filters. To make the experience safer and trap the embers and tar, the company uses natural cotton filters only.

Made in the USA. All the materials used to produce Silver Stick are made domestically in the United States. The company also offers to ship across the US.

Easy to share. The Silver Stick bowl product is 2 to 3 times larger than standard taster or hitter pipes. This makes it easy to share with other people. The Slim has up to 3 draws, while the Large has 6 or more draws.

Simplified cleaning process. On the website, customers can learn how to clean this product by watching a video. This is made very simple. All you need for it is a cotton swab, some isopropyl alcohol, and a container.

Discreet packaging. For orders placed by 11 AM on workdays, the company ships the items the same day. For weekend orders, they ship on Mondays. Every order is shipped in a standard brown cardboard box without branding to provide discretion.

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Available In

USA, Canada

HQ Location

Boulder, Colorado


Dan Oran, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Brian098Live

    I love the fact that it is so smooth and that I can prep it for for a couple of quick hits.

  2. NatalieMcArthur

    When I need a quick pick-me-up during lunch, this is my ultimate companion.

  3. Ivanka Porter4u

    I had my fair share of burnt lips in the past. This Silve Stick bad boy is as cool as ice. Love it.

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