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Skara is a cannabis and hemp company that is selling some top marijuana products that can be applied to the skin or orally. Patrick Lauritz, Bianca Taylor, and Jordan Jones created the brand in 2019.

The brand was created by three friends who want to make life more balanced. This is why they focus on CBD to bring harmony to your mind, your body, your soul. They differ in that they also guide their users to improve their well-being through articles on meditation, yoga, and various physical and moral self-care. They also made a free e-book on mindfulness to transcend stress.

Skara creates solutions that will simplify your routine thanks to CBD and other plant-based ingredients. Not only all of their products are vegan and organically sourced, but also they avoid using harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colorants. They have a product for every type of problem. They produce only safe products infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, vitamin E from sunflower, agave, hemp oil, lemon oil, orange oil. Their skincare range is great for all types of skincare problems, even for just getting younger-looking skin.

It is important to know that all their items have been 3rd party tested, so Skara is also transparent about their cannabinoid profile test results, which you can read on their website. This brand makes a full-spectrum hemp blend and CBD isolate if you want to avoid THC exposure. And their hemp is grown and processed in Wisconsin.

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I ordered Skara CBD oil and it never got delivered to my place. After over 3 months it is still pending and it's been saying that I'll will arrive in 3-5 business days (it's been saying that for months). I tried to get reimbursed for the product because it never showed up (I have tracking proof) and the Skara people never got back to me (via email).

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Tiffany Stone

My skin used to be super dry, but the Skara oil on my face has transformed my skin.

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perfect HTC-CBD blend by Skara

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Greg Sailor

My anxiety is almost non-existant.

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