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Top Shelf Cannabis is a I-502 Tier 3 producer and processor headquartered in Arlington, in the state of Washington. They sell flowers, concentrates, isolate, tinctures, pre-rolls, and more. They make both THC and CBD products. Top Shelf Cannabis was founded by TJ Werth in 2012 and aims to assist medical marijuana users. Their mission is to promote growth in the industry, educate medical marijuana users, and provide them with top-shelf items, which can bring relief.

The company grows its own weed using only pesticides approved by The Washington State Department of Agriculture. The manufacturer applies them properly so that there is no trace of it in the final product. All weed include test results available upon request.

TJ Werth is politically and socially active and frequently speaks in Olympia with a mission to promote an open market where consumers can benefit from innovation and healthy competition.

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not a fan of edibles

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Anthony A.

Top Shelf is the best

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fresh buds and flowers

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Angel Cameron

I love their MMJ

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Top Shelf offers all strains

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