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Verdelux was founded in 2013 and its headquarters is in Bellingham, Washington. This is an I-502 certified company that was formed with the sole mission of providing the perfect taste, potency, and consistency of CBD products. Verdulex mainly specializes in handcrafted edibles that have become a top choice for many Washington marijuana users. The company cares for the safety of its customers and thus select hemp that is organically grown. All their products are available in I-502 stores across Washington.

Why Choose Verdelux

Verdelux is undoubtedly one of the best companies in Washington when it comes to producing quality cannabis products.

Handcrafted Products. Verdelux Bellingham values craftsmanship and that is why it provides small batches of handmade edibles. These are made with a touch of love to offer the best possible CBD benefits to the users.

1-502 Certified. Verdelux is an I-502 company which means that it is legalized to provide small amounts of cannabis-related products. Also, you will find all their products across Washington in I-502 shops.

Locally Grown Hemp. Verdelux outsources its marijuana from local Washington farms. This is in a bid to control the type of hemp that they use of their products.

Pesticides and Fungicides-Free Products. Verdelux Bellingham sells extracts that meet the highest standards of production. This means that there are no fungicides or pesticides used in the process of production.

User Reviews 9


The product quantity is more than expecting . I think its worth every penny i spend. I will surely want to tell it to my friends and share the experience.

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I am so addicted to the choco bombs that I cant stop myself from consuming them everyday. These are the best thing about Verdelux Bellingham platform! Too good!

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The solid chocolate bombs melt on your tongue and the happy hormones burst out in a full rush thorughout your body! In love with the euphoria this one creates!!

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Noel Seymour

Cherry illuminations are a must

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Koenraad Masterson

My friend bought me some chocolates as a gift since I've never tried cannabis edibles before. I am so impressed that I am sadly thinking that any other edibles I will try from now on will not taste good. They are mouth-watering!

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Tudur Gregory

Bought a pack of truffles for my girlfriend and she was delighted. They are also vegan, so thats another plus!

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Jonah Wash

The best edibles Ive ever had

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Gwallter Garner

Dont like the lush ginger peach

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Tagwanibisan Zegers

These are the finest edibles Ive ever tried. You can feel the quality straight away. It might be because they are all hand-crafted, or perhaps its the quality ingredients. I am not sure, but I intend to try all of their offerings! I love the truffles, they are a must-try.

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