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VVS Pens

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VVS Pens are designed by Ben Baller, an expert with a simple vision. The goal of the brand founder was to produce the “finest cannabis products.” So, all the goods are made using state-of-the-art technology. Today, its disposable vape pens are widely known and used by most marijuana connoisseurs. Due to unique product engineering, VVS pens look smooth and discreet. In addition, they feature a convenient construction. Also, the company offers edibles, tinctures, cartridges, and a variety of vape accessories.

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California, Colorado, Oregon

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Los Angeles, California


Ben Baller, CEO




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User Reviews

  1. Bebe

    That is nice idea to buy vvs pens and make as a present. If you have someone who likes cannabis, smoking etc. this product is high quality and allows users to enjoy every moment. Great and pretty nice thing as for me

  2. Pola543

    I like vvs pens so much. They have so modern and convenient design. it gives more impressions and satisfaction from using cannabis. sometimes I think that these pens are real masterpieces. How do you find them? Do you agree with me?

  3. Hall Boer

    The price is very decent for a gram of cannabis oil. I recommend it!

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