Kolas - Fruitridge

Sacramento, California

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6666 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, California, 95820
License information License information Lic. No. C10-0000099-LIC
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Ira O.

Had a good experience sniffing different things and carefully reading labels lol! I hadn’t been to a proper dispensary like this one before so it was a very interesting first time. The people were helpful too so that made things a lot easier for my newbie self.

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Max Fuller

Every time I come here, I don’t feel like leaving. It’s so NICE being here! The people are always ready to talk and are always in a good mood. They will pounce at every chance they get to tell you about the details of a product you’re considering. And I LOVE it! It feels less like I’m shopping for weed and more like I’m hanging out with people who are excited about the same things as myself. Go there! You won't regret it.

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